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Help, Employees do not know what email is...

By aaronpctech ·
Hello Everyone,

I am here to get the expert opinions from the pros again.

I am currently at a site where my primary role is to get the end users up t speed in technology. I'm finding that my main speed bump is that fact that 90% of the users either dont know what email is, dont know why they would want email, know what email is but dont know how to use it, etc.

Every memo that they do, or wen they need to share documents, they physically print out the documents and place them in each users physical mail box.

I've done about three different presentations so far on what email actually is, why and how they should use it.

I'm sure that some of you have been here before. What are some tips that you have that I can use to get these wonderful people up to date using email.

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Have a "printer error day"

by jmgarvin In reply to Help, Employees do not kn ...

I assume your printers are on a network, so just disallow printing. This will force users to send email AND it will let them see that printer technology is stuck in 1993.

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Careful, but do it!

by Pr0x1 In reply to Have a "printer error day ...

Let's just say this is a GREAT idea that I happen to invoke back in the late 1990's, however, since the printers are all hooked up the the network, I hope that you still use print servers instead of individual ones. If ANY of your execs who you are challengewd with this have a personal printer, you're screwed as they will most likely print themselves, then photocopy. When I did it, we made sure there was no-toner in the copiers and that only the print servers went down... how ironic to have both of those issues happen on the same day, and be down for 3 days. Talk about a mass exodus to use email! Just be careful, only a few people knew about what was coordinated, and I'm sure if anyone found out, regardless of the GREAT outcome that happened, we would have all been fired.

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Presentations don't always do it.

by faradhi In reply to Help, Employees do not kn ...

If possible, let them use the email as you are teaching it. You may have to set up a small lab to accomplish this.

Definitely do not have a Printer error day as was suggested. This IMHO is why techs have a bad rep. This is the TECH forcing the user to use something they are not comfortable with. This causes resentment even if it makes their life better. If anyone is to do the forcing that should be management.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Presentations don't alway ...

Printers go on the friz all the time. Some users will NEVER use a given technology and continue to destroy the environment one piece of paper at a time.

You have to drag them down the road kicking and screaming, but it is worth it in the long run.

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by ericlasley In reply to Disagree

I understand what you're trying to say, but think about how that makes him look to the company as well. True, in the long run it'll be worth it, but short term the users may learn to not trust his judgements. If you present the obvious advantages of email to paper memos even the slowest user will realize how much time this will save the company.

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Using Force

by aaronpctech In reply to

In all honesty, I would love to have the printers "break down". But I cant because this is a medical facility and they print tons and tons of reports.

I've got a few people using email but half of the time, they forget to check it.

I've tried having the managers say to the employees that in order to receive support an email would have to be sent to That met with mild success as people find that calling in is quicker than emails.

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What's the problem?

by amcol In reply to Using Force

Your customers are getting their work done. They're happy and satisfied using e-mail as sneakernet and not the way God, and you, intended it to work. They're already printing "tons of reports", as you've said, so it's not like you're killing a lot of extra trees here.

Leave them alone.

Just because you and I and the rest of western civilization know that e-mail is supposed to be entirely electronic, that printing out e-mails so you can walk them over to the intended recipient is the ultimate in Luddite behavior, doesn't mean your customers have to act that way or be made to feel they're doing something wrong. You build a toaster for someone but they insist on warming their bread on the radiator. Don't be insulted because they're not using your obviously better solution...they're still eating toast, and that's what they want.

Re-read Faradhi's post. Absolutely dead on right.

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No Environmental Problems with paper production

by faradhi In reply to Disagree

Paper companies today use tree farms. They are no longer clear cutting forests.

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Is that true

by aaronpctech In reply to No Environmental Problems ...

Wow, if that is true, thats cool. I never knew about that.

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A relative of mine worked for International Paper

by faradhi In reply to Is that true

In logistics. He was the first to tell me.

Additionally, I heard on the liberal Democratic Communist Radio Station (Called NPR by dirty liberal scum) that within the area affected by Katrina there were a lot of tree farms. In that story they reported the same.

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