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    Help! Encrypting PayPal Buttons


    by renee ·

    The situation:
    We are trying to build a e-commerce site for my parents by using our limited web skills. Think designer on Dreamweaver. We are using PayPal for payment and godaddy for hosting and domain name. We have also built the shopping cart ourselves. We are using Paypal’s Web Standard.

    The problem:
    Even with all the tutorials, scripts and examples given we still can’t make an encrypted “add to cart” button. Our knowledge of PHP is zero. We need to get this site going and since my parents have zero dollars to contribute, I will be paying what I can to get this done. Paypal’s help expects you to know extensive coding.

    The question:
    Can anyone help us? Does anyone know how to encrypt an “Add to Cart” button. (NOT “Buy Now” button). Who can help us immediately with what we’ve done so far?

    Please help! We’ve been working on this problem for a month and I’m so sick of it!!

    Thank you,

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