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Help, experienced, can't get a job!

By susanne.moore ·
I really need help. I have been virtually unemployed since 1997. I am an experienced project manager and have worked in Finance, systems integration, software development and project office. Recruitment agencies think that I have great skills, but the employers don't want to know me. All my projects have achieved all goals, within the agreed time and budget. My clients have always been happy and many of my clients are my current referees. My projects have ranged from $40 million finance reconcilations to $1.5 million software development. I have also managed multiple projects and worked as a Program Manager and Project Director. They say things are slow here in Brisbane but for me that is an understatement. I am recognised as a speaker on project management by my peers and am at the stage where I am convienced that I am unemployable. Can anyone help?

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Location, Location, Location....

by crosskeyd In reply to Help, experienced, can't ...

If you have a sterling resume and solid/upstanding references, then it sounds like your issue could be one of location.

I would suggest that you broaden your scope and seek out a company in one of the other parts of Australia that might be interested in allowing you to telecommute or even commute to & from their location each week. You might even consider a different role, just to get your foot in the door at a company. (My company once had 4 key people flying in every Monday and back home every Thursday or Friday)

I recall seeing tons of big IT firms in Sydney when I was there last August. Perhaps one of them could use your services...

Good Luck!

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Branch Out Branch Out !!

by mbertel In reply to Location, Location, Locat ...

If you like were you are living and do not want to go any where else, you might try different areas of the IT field. Think about it you have alot of experiance perhaps in other areas of the IT field and with your project management experience you might be able to break down the experiance you have and see what other areas would your project management experiance get you. Perhaps learn another subject in the IT field. I realize that this takes time. Hope this will help.


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Work Work Work!!!

by oboys In reply to Location, Location, Locat ...

I don't have any fancy suggestion for you. But, I too experienced a long period of unemployment. Here in Buffalo, NY the effects of over spent budgets on Y2K issues and concerns forced many companines to defray new projects and especially manpowerexpansions until late in the 3rd quarter this year. I have been in the IT arena for 20yrs and never experienced no work until Jan of this year. Well for me my extended vacation lasted for aprox 8 months and now I am finding there is plenty of workaround.

That suggestion I have! Look to those who used to be the competitors when you were working your best. Make them your source for referral and help. Maybe enemies at one time can be the best reference at this time of need. Above all keep a faith the opportunities will come.

Rob O'boys

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give this some thought

by parsonsac In reply to Help, experienced, can't ...

I am assuming that you were working as a full-time employee on the projects you have mentioned. If I were in your shoes I would give serious consideration to contracting.

You would have to be prepared to travel but as a contractor there would befar more openings for you to explore.

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What I DIDN'T see!

by donq In reply to Help, experienced, can't ...


The complexity involved to resolve any computer technology problem and/or accomplish a given task is changing daily. EVERY team member MUST contribute directly to the "Business (or data) Analysis" phase, the "Programming" phase, The "Testing (or QC) phase, etc. I did not read about anything you feel qualified (within our technical world) to do besides coordinate a team effort.

With a Finance background I would think (???) you had considerable database skills and could surely create (or understand) a Chart of Accounts??? I would also ASSUME you recognize (or have some efficiency) with a programming language(s)?

What skills would you bring to a team that any intelligent employee (already working for a potential employer)does't posess. Anyone can Project Engineer or Manage nowdays that doesn't have any accountability to the data model, code, GUI development, or any of the TECHNICAL components involved with a software development project.

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Dear Sue

by ahevans In reply to Help, experienced, can't ...

I;m having a similar situation Sue.....lots and lots of interviews but no responses. They all say I'm right for the position then never call back. All I can say is hang on like myself...the job will come..I firmly believe it......Art

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Most Employers are Dumb!

by rzan In reply to Dear Sue

What I learned from being in the IT industry is that most employers are just DUMB and don't really know what they need to get the job done. They open a new position and use a recruiting firm to find that right person. The recruiting firm finds what they think their client (the company) is looking for and send you (the prospective new employee) off on the interview. You have all the skills, all the experience, **** them away at the interview, only to find that your time was wasted and your response from them is in limbo. Most companies even resort to playing bargaining games taking advantage of your unemployment and vulnerability. I have personally been in a situation where I imressed them at the interview, only to find out that the position was recalled due to financial hardships in the company. If they are undergoing money problems and can't afford to pay my salary, why the **** are they wasting my time and theirs on a position they cannot maintain to keep? Like I said, employers are stupid most of the time and need to be told by us, the IT people, what they are lacking in their company. They lack knowledgable and experienced people like you and me, but as employers tend to be technically ignorant, things won't change. If all else fails in your endeavor to find a job, move to New York City, we have plenty of IT Jobs here. I am sure there is something for you in New York City.

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recruiters are the problem too!

by Mondick In reply to Most Employers are Dumb!

I don't know how many times i've been called by a recruiter and heard the following phrases "it's an excellent match for your skills" or "this job is perfect" or "they are going to meet your salary request." I don't know how many times i've been innegotiations with someone only to find out after an interview or two that they can't come close to meeting my salary needs. And some of these ads these days ... some of the employers need to realize why they have IT jobs open for 6 months at a time.. when i see ads like :
Wanted: UNIX Admin. Must have 5 years experience, be an expert in security and scripting. Almost must have UNIX certifications, MCSE, A+, B+, F-, CCNA, CULATR, and C++ and Visual basic skills. Must also be an expert in Java. Must have DBA skills for Orcale and SQL Server, and be able to work long hours on salary with no overtime. Starting Pay: $40,000.00

I have to laugh .....

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Ha ha

by Kai66 In reply to recruiters are the proble ...

I guess some companies think they can find some IT people dumber than they are. Unfortunately this is totally true in reality. I don't know how many times I have seen ads like the one you mentioned. Most companies are looking for the perfect person to fill their job and yet they do not want to pay the right kind of money. Truth is they don't honestly expect to find someone matching exactly the requirement in the ad. I laugh all the time when I go through job ads. You should notbe scared away when you read a job ad and find that you don't have all the skills they want. I'd say if you have 70% or more of the skills, you're a good fit.

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Please guide me as I want a job in NY

by Juet Me In reply to Most Employers are Dumb!

Hello irzan,

I read your comments - "Most employers are Dumb".

I am an experienced IT Professional and looking for suitable job in NY.

Let me give more details about me.
Presently I am working as a Web Designer *** Developer with a Software Development Firm. I am working with Dreamweaver, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw.

I possess good knowledge of Java 2.0, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker. I also knows C, C++.


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