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By Luth1488 ·
Hi there.
The company that I work for is looking for an app or service where our business can communicate (one way) specific information to a specific set of customers. We would like to communicate specific information to a specific group of our customers, which customers who are a member of another customer-group wont be able to see.
Every customer will therefore need to identify themselves as a part of a special customer-group when signing up.
I have tried searching for a while, but haven't found any suitable apps.
Therefore I would like to hear if anybody here has knowledge of a service or an app that might be able to help us with this issue?

We would like to set up about 400-500 customer groups that we can communicate individually to (one way communication).

Thank you very much in advance

Best regards

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Just found your thread

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Help finding App or servi ...

Just found your thread. Did you ever have an answer elsewhere? I wonder if bulk text messaging services are what you're looking for. These are mainly marketed for companies such as yours instead of individuals and use one-way messaging, and you can send a uniform message to one group and then a different one to another. According to this, though, it is mainly used for marketing. Some offer group messaging function too. There are free trials you can sign up for to see if it fits the needs of your business.

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by Luth1488 In reply to Just found your thread

Hi Kylestinson9009

Thank you for your answer.
Bulk text messaging services is a good idea, but is not exactly what we are looking for.
The optimal solution for us, would be an app where each of our customers can log in and be presented for information that is unique to them

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