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HELP for installing XP SP3 without crashing PC?

By rjmanzuk ·
Can you provide a link to assistance in downloading and installing operating system XP Service Pack 3 to my PC? I've tried now through your downloads, and directly from Microsoft, and both cause the PC to crash (resulting in my having to throw the switch to shut it down, and to revert through System Restore to an earlier setup). I cannot find a HELP link with suggestions.

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Read that

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to HELP for installing XP SP ...

I read about that happening on OEM Hewlett Packard and AMD chipset platforms. Do you have either of these?

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by rjmanzuk In reply to Read that

Nope. I have a Dell XPS (ironically, huh?) in which an Intel CPU is installed.

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No cigar ...

by rjmanzuk In reply to Want the ISO link?

Thanks. Tried the CD approach, with exactly the same results. CRASH!!!
Just how important IS this SP3 anyway?

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by TheChas In reply to HELP for installing XP SP ...

You might try running the install with some of the switches set. See this discussion link where a peer posted the different switches that are available.


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by rjmanzuk In reply to Switches

Couldn't hook up to that particular link. Might you have another? or, a copy of the list you can embed in a message? Thank you for your efforts.

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The briefly posted Apr. 29th version works OK

by nepenthe0 In reply to HELP for installing XP SP ...

MS pulled the Apr. 29th posting due to a glitch with a business software application, but I've installed it in XP MCE (2005) and XP Pro uneventfully. The Apr. 29th posting of Ars Technica carried a link to this version - perhaps it's still retrievable:

Rick/Portland, OR

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No cigar ....

by rjmanzuk In reply to The briefly posted Apr. 2 ...

Same results with that edition; but thanks.
Sure wish LINUX supported more applications I use. I'd leap to that in a minute.

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RJ, there may be a hardware problem

by nepenthe0 In reply to HELP for installing XP SP ...

Computers can crash for reasons unrelated to the operating system. Known hardware issues include:

1) overclocked CPU
2) overheated CPU
3) insufficient installed memory

The list of software issues is legion, and I cannot begin to advise you regarding this. That said, I recommend the following before you commence a serious hardware investigation:

1) Backup data files to external HD or USB flash drive.

2) Run Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, and save this invaluable folder to ext HD or USB flash drive.

3) Format the HD (NTFS).

4) Do a clean install of XP SP2.

5) Reinstall applications.

6) Restore data files.

7) Run the Files Settings Transfer Wizard in reverse to restore your OS configuration.

Install and run CCleaner (free):

9) Install and run Defraggler (free):

10) Save this HD configuration as an image to an external HD with Norton Ghost:

11) Install XP SP3.

If this works, problem resolved. If your system still crashes with XP SP3, you can recover the image from backup using the Ghost disk, recovering your HD in <20 minutes (Ghost overwrites the HD at 1-2GB/min).

Good luck.

Rick/Portland, OR

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Thank you

by rjmanzuk In reply to RJ, there may be a hardwa ...

REALLY do appreciate the time and effort it must have taken to provide such a thoughtful reply. I think that for SP3 I will not risk a HD reformat, though. I WILL save the list for the next worthwhile H/W issue I enounter, if that is what this is (I sincerely doubt it, given the hard work my CPU does daily operating my flight simulators endlessly).
Thank you,

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