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    Help from IT management


    by trek05 ·

    I have recently (about 3 months ago) been put in charge of the IT department for one of my companies states. Before this position I was just a regular IT technician, being assigned projects then coming back for more when I was finished. As one of the IT leaders in the company I’m looking for any and all advice from other people in similar situations; anything from how to stay organized, to communicating with senior management, also what to do on a day on day basis. Once again, any input appreciated. Thanks

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      Help from IT management

      by adriano.simao ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      Ok, take a time to read about IT Services (ITIL) and GEMBA. They alk about Service Monitoring, Performance and Metrics.

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      There are as many answers to that question as you want

      by drowningnotwaving ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      In my experience of dealing with hundreds of IT managers and leaders, the best ones know more about the business and the application of their IT infrastructure to its goals and objectives.

      The aim would be to leave the miasma of technical detail in the day-to-tay hands of your underlings.

      But the distance that you can get away from the technology per se is obviously dependent upon any number of other criteria: size of the IT shop, complexity etc. You obviously can’t leave it in the hands of your uinderlings if you don’t have any!!!

      Congratulations on your promotion and I hope it came with a truckload more cash.

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      Help from IT management

      by sedwards ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      I was fortuantely thrown in the deep end.

      Understand business systems, process, lingo and for f* sakes build confidence not just in upper echelons but also your underlyings. Upper management is not interested in whinging managers and your staff will only respect you if you respect them.

      Most importantly remeber this you cannot deliver on your own you need your staff to do that for you and having a supportive upper management makes the job so much easier.

      Good luck

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      Don’t get bogged down in the detail

      by alexchampness ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      I was in the same position and it is really important to take a step back and let your department get on with it. It is the hardest thing to do when you see someone doing something that you know you could do quicker.

      Make sure you keep an overview on the whole department, know what is going on without getting into the detail. Make your department record everything on a central DB so that you have access to all your info. Be confident that if your boss rings you up and askes about a particular issue you will have the information to hand.

      Have regular meetings and discuss what is happening so that your department know you are on the ball.

      All these things are easier said and done but if you do one thing get the central DB to record everything we use sharepoint and have a Asset DB, task list, tips, info, docs etc

      Well done and good luck


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      it management advise

      by avraham ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      1- educate management
      orgainize periodical seminars
      on technological subject that you need
      to push. alternatively, sit with each
      senior decision maker on these subjects
      individually. you’ll have much better
      chances of pushing through what you need
      if they understand the issues. try to
      weave into you words of wisdom the
      financial advantages of the technology
      your trying to push.

      2-assuming you also deal with user support,
      use some call tracking system (sometimes
      call a ‘ticketing’ system). without this,
      you’ll get lost under the load

      3-keep ahead up to date on technologies
      not just by reading ‘tech republic’, but
      by attending seminars which are focused on
      relavent areas.

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        Some useful tips for any IT manager

        by thejendra1 ·

        In reply to it management advise

        Major areas that you should concentrate on. It is not necessary that you should do it on your own, but should have all the answers and proof ready. Secondly they should be part of your weekly/fortnightly or monthly reports.

        1. Accurate data backup of all important servers daily. Periodic restores to verify.
        2. Software licensing should be accurate
        3. All systems fully patched periodically with proper service packs, anti virus, firmware upgrades, etc.
        4. Go around the office to talk to users and understand their problems.
        5. Asset management – eliminate all unused hardware, software, peripherals, servers,etc., periodically
        6. Install a helpdesk software like Trackit or equivalent to manage helpdesk calls
        7. Install a small intranet to have some How-to’s for all users to reduce support calls. These can be steps for configuring printers, mail profiles, changing passwords, update antivirus, etc
        8. Buy and read books on helpdesk, customer support, stress management and general people/end-user management.
        9. Keep the stakeholders and yourself updated on useful new hardwares, tips, tricks, management articles, etc.
        10. Document the entire infrastructure accurately. Label all equipment,
        11. Have all IT equipment under proper maintenance contracts
        12. Send yourself and your techies for periodic training.
        13. Most important – Have your own knowledge up to date with real hands on experience. Only then you can manage other techies and the business. You should be able to roll up your sleeves and demonstrate should the situation require.


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      Your People

      by mike ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      As you take on management responsibilities, you must shift your thinking. As a technical team member, your job was to take care of the work. Now, in management, your job is to take care of your people.

      If you take care of your people, they will take care of you. Loyalty goes a long way- if you work to make every member of your team successful, you become successful. One big key is to enable to do their job without doing it for them.

      That means

      1. Leading ? providing vision and direction to those who work under you. Always remember the old saying ? ?Vision without action is a daydream; action without vision is a nightmare?

      2. Running interference so they don?t have to deal with political issues and can focus on their job

      3. Communicating in a clear, concise manner that leaves no doubt for your subordinates as to what you want them to accomplish. Also communicate frequently, praise those who are doing a good job, and let subordinates know immediately when they are acting in an unacceptable manner. This is where most managers let their people down.

      4. Standing up for your people and personally accepting blame for team failures. If they fail, it is because you as a manager have let them. It is easy to play the blame game and say that a project failed because Johnny failed to get an important part of it done. A manager who was doing their job would have known of issues and corrected them well before the deadline.

      There are a lot of great books that would help you forge your vision and work with the team. Better yet, get the audio books and listen to them. Here are some of my favorites:

      Leadership Lessons of the U.S. NAVY Seals
      What the CEO Wants You to Know
      Business Think
      Winning (Jack Welch)
      First, Break All the Rules

      When I became a manager, I got a new audio book or two every payday. Over the years, I have accumulated a large business library (over 500 books and CDs) that has helped me tremendously along the way. I often refresh myself by reviewing old books to regain information I may have forgotten.

      If you are interested in discussing some of this in greater detail, shoot me an e-mail and we?ll get together to do so.

      Good Luck!

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      Read some books

      by tappy0814 ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      1. The Accidental Project Manager: Surviving the Transition from Techie to Manager by Patricia Ensworth

      2. Templates are available at techrepublic.

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      Advice from a multitasker….

      by crownjw1 ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      Within the scope of my duties I also do purchasing. This is by far no easy task. You have to plan carefully, but as we all know in IT, that it is very difficult to do. You have to set goals for yourself to accomplish on a day to day basis. Projects coming up? Use Gantt charts, planner pads, Planning software to help keep on track. As things come up, make note of the reason you didn’t accomplish the goal of that day. Some things I do to make my life easier:
      1. at the end of the day, I try to shut my door for the last 15 or 20 minutes, make notes of things to finish up and start the next day.
      2. Clean your desk off and start the next day with a clean desk. It’s less stressing to come in with a clean desk than a cluttered desk.
      3. Also, keep track of how much money you save the company with your great ideas. The white shirts like to see that you are budget conscious and you will come out sparkling in the end.

      I hope this helps.

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        by artmyking ·

        In reply to Advice from a multitasker….

        I am currently a student for Network Management. I’m looking for advise from the professionals as to what paths and roads to pursue in obtaining job opportunities as well as a mentor.

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        by artmyking ·

        In reply to Advice from a multitasker….

        For all you professional, I am a student for Network Management. I am seeking advise and mentoring in this field. Would anyone be interested?

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      Develop a relationship with a mentor

      by drakedavid ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      Find someone in a more senior position with whom you can develop a mentor relationship with. It doesn’t matter if it is someone inside or outside your company.

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        Develop a relationship with a mentor

        by artmyking ·

        In reply to Develop a relationship with a mentor

        I have not yet been broken in, I am still a student going for the Associate Degree. The title you see was mandatory for techrepublic account.

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          Mentor …

          by crownjw1 ·

          In reply to Develop a relationship with a mentor

          I have a great mentor. I developed a friendship with one of my instructors. I call on him for advice all the time. Start using resources you have developed already. Establish friendships within the technology industry. Go to your local computer store and start talking with shop owners about latest trends and such. Develop a rapport with them. One thing I have learned is that local tech people are usually more than willing to share knowledge when you start showing a passion for this industry.

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          Mentor …

          by artmyking ·

          In reply to Mentor …

          Thank you for the advise, I will do that. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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      IT management

      by jwerzberger ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

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      by dean.owen ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      Get to know your staff’s skills and use them. When I made the transition from field tech to management, I took my tools home – so I wouldn’t be tempted to pick them up and jump in to ‘fix’ things. Define what you would think a good boss is – and be that boss.

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      Learn to write well

      by shermp ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      Congratulations on your promotion! One very gentle suggestion as regards communication to senior management – pay careful attention to syntax and spelling. I noticed a few small mistakes in your post that would be fine in an email received from a “techie” but would stand out in one received from a manager.

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      Stay Organized, Keep up to date, Do what’s important

      by rbutkevic ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      Stay organized, write to do lists.
      Keep up on industry best practices, learn the lingo, etc. Join places like the Project Management Institute ( or the Software Management Institute ( to keep abreast.
      Pay special attention to items that will be under the eye of management. You can screw up something with your subordinates and fix it, but don’t let spelling errors or bad presentations get in front of your bosses. Focus on the important, kind of Steven Covey-ish but true.

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      by skywalker_al ·

      In reply to Help from IT management

      Itemize, Prioritize, and Finalize

      This has helped me more than anything. You have to change from a ‘doer’ to a ‘decider’. This took me a while after I took my first IT Manager position. You have to cultivate your staff and ‘grow’ them. Only if they are successful in their endeavors, goals, and projects will you be a successful manager.


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