Help getting an older program to use an external floppy drive

By joesephzig ·
Hope someone can help with this. I have an older database program I'm trying to install as a remote on my laptop. It requires a floppy disk be written to register the remote with the master, my desktop. Although the teac external floppy drive demonstrates no issues with my Toshiba laptop (dual core), the program is unable to write a registration file to the floppy disk and displays an unrecognizable program error that when essentially states the computer may be too fast or have too much ram to properly generate whatever numbers it needs to create. I have successfully done this just this January with a 512 ram Acer laptop and the same external floppy drive. The Toshiba is a one gig ram. I've tried to use winthrottle to slow down the computer to no avail. I've tried reducing the amount of available ram on startup to 512 with no luck. The program I'm trying to install isn't compatable with Vista and both laptops and desktop have XPsp2. I'm now wondering if using an older floppy driver or imparing the duo core somehow might help. Is it possible that the duo core has different math instructions and that could be the reason?

The Teac floppy drive displays no issues with the laptop and works perfectly fine otherwise.

Thanks for any feedback.

If you're asking me why I don't upgrade the software, the answer is I paid $700 for what I have and the new version is web based and would cost about $70 a month.

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Well at a guess I would say that you have now reached an impasse

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help getting an older pro ...

As the hardware has now exceeded the ability of the software to work properly. Do you absolutely need a NB for this application? If not you could build of buy an ex Government P3 that may suit your needs provided that you do not need the portability aspect of a NB you could use a Desktop that you could pickup for a few hundred $. Even if you need a NB you could pick up an old NB from one of the many Ex Government suppliers and only use this for this DBase program.

Without knowing what it is that is required it's very hard to answer any better other than saying that you may need to look for a different program if you don't want to spend the monthly fee for the new version.

Even a monthly fee of $70.00 seems a bit excessive so is this something specialised that only has a few people using it?


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Thanks for your feedback...

by joesephzig In reply to Well at a guess I would s ...

Of course it's not what I wanted to hear.... As I mentioned, an Acer purchased in late December worked fine... My duo core doesn't....


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