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    Help, getting bombarded


    by borg7of9 ·

    Ok, Bad enough I am getting bombarded with Spam, ok, I filter that stuff, but know some spammer has used my email as the “reply to” on his mass spamming, and I am getting bombarded with “Mailer-DAE-MON” emails, for emails that are blocked or are no good! I mean now I am getting hit with 1000’s of these messages. and I have no idea how to block them. I called my Web hoster, and they were no help. I can filter the emails no problem, however, as my connection is slow, it still takes forever just to process them and is boggong down my system.

    Any idea? I cant think of a thing I can do on my side, if the Web Hoster can not block this traffic.

    Well if there is a solution, I would sure appreciate it!

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      by willcomp ·

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      Only thing that comes to mind is to change your e-mail address. It’s not elegant and is a pain in the ***, but should stop the flood.

      Maybe someone else will have a better solution.

      Good luck and condolences.


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      by rindi1 ·

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      Change to an email provider who has a good spamfilter builtin which you adjust yourself via webmail.

      Or first visit your mailbox via webmail, so you can delete all that spam before it reaches your PC via Outlook or another mailclient.

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      by rewrite ·

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      There really isn’t anything that you can do at your end. You are going to need to stop them from coming down from your isp when you connect. If your isp doesn’t have tools for you to do this and will not help you with this then you are kind of screwed.

      As you know, with any filtering you use on your pc the mail must still be downloaded to your pc to be filtered. Thus the problem. Other than changing your email address you can use an application that views your email account on the server and lets you manage it before your email client downloads it. Such programs like Mail Washer or Spamdel. I have used Mail Washer in the past and it is a good product. The latest version is not available as freeware but the freeware version (2b19) is still available. Try here:

      Spamdel is still freeware and can be found here:

      Another one that looks good is PP MailCheck:



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      by techierob ·

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      Two questions…

      One, who is your mail / ISP provider?? Even the ‘free’ware accounts allow some form of spam protection (mostly blocked senders listings)

      Secondly, are you sure that you havent contracted a mass-mailing worm virus?? Typically the only reason why someone is recieving unbelieveable amounts of spam is because of a virus or another unscrupulous program is running on the system.

      As I have said a million times in the past, the best stuff for this is nortons and Spybot s&d. Run these from safe mode and see what rears its ugly head 🙂

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      by borg7of9 ·

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      My system did not have a email worm, and was fully protected firewall/antivirus/trojan remover/spybot and fully secure and up to date. As I said, someone simply used my email address in the spam reply too, mopst likely from someones address book on an unprotected system.

      Anyway, I was able to use some filtering from my ISP via there web mail, and now its managable, I have to leave the web mail open, and it removes most of the bounces, before they reach my email client.

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      by borg7of9 ·

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