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Help getting XP reinstalled

By rwtodd2007 ·
I have received 3 computers from a co. that went out of business. All the HDs have been wiped, and XP was installed to the point of asking for the registration key. No matter what key was used (the one for that particular machine or others) none would work.

I used Boot & Nuke to start over from scratch, and now the media isn't recognized and I cannot get XP to install. One of these machines is going to a daughter entering college soon, so I would like to figure out what is going on.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ive never run into something like this before.

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You will have to create a primary Partition

by Jacky Howe In reply to Help getting XP reinstall ...

How to partition and format a hard disk in Windows XP

Let us know how you get on.

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Doesn't work

by rwtodd2007 In reply to You will have to create a ...

Can't get any XP disc to recognize the cd drive now. Before running DBAN, there was no problem reading the cd just couldn't enter the COA.

I will have to post the actual error message that pops up on the screen.

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Check your BIOS

by Jacky Howe In reply to Doesn't work

and make sure that it is set to boot from the CD, Floppy and then the Hard drive. Yes it would be a good idea to post any error messages.

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OEM Distributions

by TheChas In reply to Help getting XP reinstall ...

I have the simple answer for why the XP product keys do not work. Your install CD is not from the correct distribution batch.

Microsoft has made multiple distribution versions of XP. Including versions tied to a specific computer manufacture.

Even within each service pack level, there are multiple distributions of XP.

Unless you can get restore disks from the original system manufacture, you are going to have to purchase new copies of XP for these systems.

Now, if you cannot boot from a XP install CD, you need to check the BIOS settings and make sure that the CD drive is the first boot device.


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A few things to check uot first..

1). Bios (like True Blue posted), make sure your Cd/dvd drive is 1st to boot, 2nd floppy, 3rd hdd.
2). Test out if the Windows disk work. If not then onto step 3.
3). SPOTMAU, download this here:
You will need to burn this to cd and then insert it in your cd drive and then go to the section of where it says "Windows install". Click on this and it will make your drive ready for Windows.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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