HELP! home wireless not found, others are!!

By dejulio14 ·
ok so my little sister just got a used hp compaq nx5000 from my aunt and uncle it ran fine on their home network but they put windows 7 on it for my little sister and now it will not connect at all wirlessly. i dont a clean install of windows xp because i thought that may be the problem but that didn't work, i have whent through all the internet connections and setups and repair, troubleshoot, changed my security settings, and everything i cant think of i also reset my router and modem, i know a little about computer"not a whole lot" and i cannot fiqure this out can anyone PLEASE help!

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RE: "..others are!!" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HELP! home wireless not f ...

What do you mean by that?

Also, did your Aunt and Uncle have this laptop running WIRELESSLY? What OS was on it before Windows 7?

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another suspect "Help Please" question

by CG IT In reply to HELP! home wireless not f ...

Wonder if the "help please" realized that installing Windows 7 might make old drivers not work thus the wireless NIC card not work..

I dunno a quick check at HP support drivers would show that Windows 2000,XP and XP Pro are the only supported Windows platform.

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Checking for SSID broadcast

by mjd420nova In reply to HELP! home wireless not f ...

Everyrouter has an SSID broadcast unless it is turned off by the network owner. Unless you have been logged into that router before or know the name of the network, you're out of luck. If you don't own the router and it's protected through the various schemes to keep others out,(whole different discussion) find another unsuspecting target for your endeavors.

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used hp compaq nx5000

by Snuffy09 In reply to HELP! home wireless not f ...

Im not sure of the time-line of these models but there could be a conflict in protocol of your wireless router doesn't communicate on the same "channel" as the wifi card on the laptop

if your router is broadcasting in wireless B and you have a wireless G (or the reversal) card you may have an issue...

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