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help---How do I identify my battery?

By gegeven ·
~I bought alaptop batterythe day before yesterday in ~~There is usually a label on the battery. The label will have the part number,chemicalconstruction (eg Li-Ion, NiMh), voltage and current printed on it. Please note the battery voltage is not the same as thepower suppliesvoltage. If this information is not present the make and model of your laptop would help any sales person identify the correct battery.

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Request for Clarification

by databaseben In reply to Clarifications

its probably best that you create a thread with a detailed question whether theoretical or actual. then post a separate response to it, ie "answer the question".. otherwise, your information above is confusing to an un-knowledgeable computer user.

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Sounds like gegeven

by Charles Bundy In reply to help---How do I identify ...

is trying to sell laptop batteries.

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I was thinking the same thing: "is this guy spamming"

by Who Am I Really In reply to help---How do I identify ...

if this is spam, it's not that great of an attempt
who would want to buy a battery that is unmarked?
and who would want to buy from a company that sells unmarked batteries?

The wrong battery type and voltage etc. can cook a portable and maybe even start a fire

also i was thinking,
how is it that spammers can post links but
when I try to post a link to an MS KB article the post is eaten alive and never shows up?

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The truly geeky way to do this would be....

by dl_wraith In reply to help---How do I identify ...

..... take it to a adventurer trained in Arcana or (if you're a little more old-school) take it to a wizard who knows the 1st level spell, Identify.

Of course there is probably someone who's thinking "make a check against Spellcraft skill" but frankly, I skipped that edition.

Sorry - i woke up this morning in a mischievous mood :)

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