HELP! How to get broadband WIRELESSLY from one building to another?

By Ian Boothby ·
Building 1 is 100+ft long, 20ft wide, runs North-South, only phoneline socket in North wall, so modem-router connected to that, then feeds Powerline homeplugs around the building no problem-BUT...

I need to get broadband into building 2 across courtyard from S end of B1 (@100ft) but it is on different ring main so homeplugs don't work. How do I do this wirelessly - I have line of sight from window in B1 to window in B2? I guess using things called repeaters?? (cannot use ethernet cable as gap is a public walkway and entrance to a car park)

Can anyone tell me exactly what I need to do on the South side of B1-do I ethernet the broadband from a homeplug into a repeater, then from B2 pick up the signal from B1 and ethernet it into another homeplug to feed around B2?

No doubt it's simple but never been much into networking especially wirelessly!

I have the following equipment "spare";-
TP-LINK Wireless-N router TL-WR300
TP-LINK Wireless-N access point TL-WA801ND
Loadsa 200mbs Hompeplugs


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What you need to do is configure WDS on your TP-Link

by Charles Bundy In reply to HELP! How to get broadban ...

devices. Just googled and TL-WA801ND & TL-WR300 support WDS (Wireless Distribution System) out of the box. See -

Before you do the physical install across the courtyard, sit down with the devices on a desk in front of you and make sure the WDS config is working. I usually treat it as a "Virtual Patch Cable" with one device's switch port plugged into the wall and the other device plugged into my PC NIC. Once it is bridged and passing traffic you can cope with physical distance testing.

ADDENDUM: To set up WDS usually involves turning it on from the config web page and then adding the opposite device MAC address to a WDS table. You can run the AP or router as a WAP too, but I usually dedicate the devices to being a bridge for security and performance reasons.

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Reponse To Answer

by Ian Boothby In reply to What you need to do is co ...

Thanks Charles (and everyone) - will give this a try when things quieten down after this W8 launch rush!

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in the olden days

by gscratchtr In reply to HELP! How to get broadban ...

we would recommend a microwave Ethernet repeater for a situation and distance as described, but this may be more hardware than you're hoping for.

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Reponse To Answer

by Charles Bundy In reply to in the olden days

Very olden days + very expensive LOS equipment.

Unless I misread we're only talking 30m across the courtyard and I've gotten 5-6Mbs at 150m with $69 Buffalo WHR-HP-54G routers (802.11g). Added two Hawking directional antennas and got +15Mbs at that distance. :)

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Point to Point

by Nunob In reply to HELP! How to get broadban ...

Typically we do a point to point or point to multi point distribution with say Tranzeo equipment. you can call them up and explain the topology of everything and they can suggest all the parts to you. You can get into other frequencies with these which will help prevent congestion of the 2.4 or 5.8 frequncies if that is a problem or could later become a problem. I have used several of their 4.9 models over the years to cover pretty large distances.

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Alternative solution

by RobLangdon In reply to HELP! How to get broadban ...

As you have line of sight, there is the option of installing Laser links (would allow a Gb connection) or you can use aerials (like tv aerials) to direct the wireless signal and wireless routers to establish a wireless bridge. We installed a Laser link with wireless bridge backup between 2 of our offices which were approx 400m apart which provided excellent connection speeds and was very reliable.

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Yet another solution

by kmthom In reply to HELP! How to get broadban ...

We use devices made by Airaya ( ). Their point to points work very well, are rugged and durable, and they have excellent customer support.

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Wireless Link Point to Point PtP

by crmf70 In reply to HELP! How to get broadban ...

You can solve this problem using point to point links with Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 equipment, are inexpensive and can transmit over 100 Mbs.

You just have to put a radio as access point and the other as a client. In the access point in the table, place the client MAC and SSID and ready!

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Wireless PtP access

by Matureman In reply to HELP! How to get broadban ...

Have you seen this device? It is recommended for RV parking Station wifi, etc. Only a couple hundred bucks, I believe, although you can get various ranges. Up to 54Mbs...

Great question...

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Reponse To Answer

by cpguru21 In reply to Wireless PtP access

an alternative (and better pricing) is openmesh. Very similar to the meraki products, cheaper pricing. I have used meraki in the past and liked their products.

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