Help - How to split big zip files into smaller zip files

By WebGuyBob ·
Hey, folks.

Do you know how to split big zip files into smaller zip files...on a Windows box? I don't mean "span". I mean split into autonomous zip files that retain parent/child directories consistently across each zip. For example: = 140 MB

Need program/method to split into: (/docroot/largefiles/*) - 50 MB (/docroot/smallfiles/*) - 50 MB (/docroot/smallfiles/manyfiles/*) - 40 MB

Get the drift? Let me know. I need a solution today. I'll be researching and googling today myself.

Bob M...You may want to send this to your techie contacts as well. It would help us tremendously with the MO ZIPs.


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Simple: You do it yourself BEFORE you Zip 'em up....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help - How to split big z ...

Since you appear to already know that thse files will fit into:

(/docroot/largefiles/*) - 50 MB
(/docroot/smallfiles/*) - 50 MB
(/docroot/smallfiles/manyfiles/*) - 40 MB

Then all you've got to do is copy your files from their source directory - into directories that you have created named "Largefiles", "Smallfiles", and "Smallfiles\Manyfiles" - then begin zipping initially within Smallfiles\Manyfiles which will result in:
1 x ZIP called 'Manyfiles'
1 x ZIP called 'Smallfiles'
1 x ZIP called 'Largefiles'

Of course, if you were in any way proficient at organising your file directories, these files would already inhabit these directories within a pre-formed tree.

Anything that you are going to construct into an Zipped archive, HAS TO exist within a separate directory BEFORE you Zip it.

That's the METHOD you should be using.

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Not SO Simple: Actually

by WebGuyBob In reply to Simple: You do it yoursel ...

Thanks, OM.

However, I gave the example as sheer simplicity. My challenge is that I have several upper level /docroot/ folders that are several hundred MBs (if not GBs) each, containing MANY levels of subdirectories, combining to total 100s of thousands of files. I had no control over how/why the structures were created and/or maintained.

I need to break down each upper level /docroot/ folder into 100 MB chunks in order to upload them into a web-based tool to replicate the overall website structure on a different platform. The replication tool, itself, has a 100 MB upload limitation. I have no control over that either. There is no folder/subfolder upload feature of the tool. It sucks, but that's what I'm stuck with.

Each zip must preserve the complete directory structure, regardless if some subdirectories may be empty as a result of creating the small zips from earlier in the splitting process.

I hope this further clarifies the challenge for you...and others.



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Sorry but how do you plan to UnZip ONLINE ??...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Not SO Simple: Actually

THAT is gonna be your #1 major stumbling block.

#2 stumbling block (it seems to me) is that if as you say you have "several upper level /docroot/ folders that are several hundred MBs (if not GBs) each" and also have "a 100 MB upload limitation" - How can you be sure that you won't have a Zipfile that's larger than 100MB ?

Maybe it's just my interpretation of your wording, but if your task is "to replicate the overall website structure on a different platform" - surely that means that your Source files already form the part of an existing website ? If this is the case, why are you bothering to Upload anything - why not just clone the hard drive then install it as a going concern in the new platform ?

Unless you wish to expand further on what, so far, is a rather vague description of the present situation.

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The Replication Tool on the Destination Server Performs the UnZip

by WebGuyBob In reply to Sorry but how do you plan ...

...and no, I am exhausted from explaining to too many different audiences in attempting to find a solution. The only thing that I'll add is that I need to find a splitting tool that will ENSURE that the resulting ZIPs are =< 100MB. I appreciate your candid conversation.

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You can ENSURE [=< 100MB] very easily ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The Replication Tool on t ...

I'm not sure about WinZIP or any of the other Zipping routines, mainly because ZIP is no longer the most efficient and it's rather a long time since I've used it.

However, if you use WinRAR (.RAR files have a higher compression than .ZIP files) you simply elect to 'Archive' the source files and WinRAR opens a dialog box, asking you to specify the format for the archive.

You can specify predetermined RAR file sizes to fit onto DVDs, CDs, or even Floppies - or you can specify a file size in BYTES which for your purpose would be 104857600 Bytes.

But as to your previous (and original) question, I know of no way to stipulate which files end up in which compressed volume.

WITH RESPECT: If indeed you are "exhausted from explaining to too many different audiences in attempting to find a solution" perhaps you could refine what you are posting online. Clearly I am not the only one requiring clarification.

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Not exactly what you're looking for but an idea...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Help - How to split big z ...

I've used these two tools to split up zip files.
The first one is Free File Splitter:

It requires you have the program at the other end to restore the 'chunks'

The second is JR Split Pro:

It will create a .BAT file that you use to join the pieces back together.
It costs $20 USD. They offer a free version but it will not work with files over 1GB. The other thing to consider is that firewall and anti-virus settings may keep you from forwarding a .BAT file.

Either utility will retain directory structure and file integrity. They also work well when you just have one huge file you need to transfer via email.

I later edited this post when I reread your question more closely. I understand now that you are not looking for a way to 'span' the archives. But I'll leave this submission as an alternative.


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