Help! I am an idiot and now my usb drive is blank

By jimmy-jam ·
First off hi everyone who knows me. I am on the road now and it isn't all that easy for me to hang out right now.

Now on to my stupidity. I just consolidated all me thumb drives into one nice shiny new 16gb Cruzer. I even made it bootable. :) I formatted all my little drives and threw them in a draw just in case I may need them one day. Now logic would have dictated that I back up my newly assembled thumb drive but it was getting late last night and the SO was getting cranky and wanted me to come to bed.

I arrived at my job site today and was beginning to restore a hosed workstation from a ghost image and after the process began I suddenly realized I was restoring the image onto my thumb drive. I promptly yanked it out but it was too late. She's blank. Can I recover it or is years worth of data including my personal wiki gone forever?

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Not good Jimmy...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Help! I am an idiot and n ...

I'd be taking/sending that puppy to some pros.

I've seen some recovery software get stuff back off partitioned drives, etc....sure you have too....once it gets written to is usually bad news....but you know that...whatever you do....don't write anything else to it....maybe see if you can image it, but set it to read only first.

That's gotta suck.....I feel for you.

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I guess now is not the time

by The Scummy One In reply to Help! I am an idiot and n ...

to re-emphasize about backups?
ok, I wont mention it right now.

Hmm -- I have used some SW to recover from a flash drive before, but it was just deleted items. Having over-written them, I would think that they would be gone completely.

I always tell people not to use a flash drive for backups, because they are unreliable (unplugging them incorrectly can cause them to scrap items, not to mention pulling them out and bending the port, etc.). Also to backup any crucial data to an alternate source.

I feel for ya, but you may want to email a data recovery service to find out if they think that they can help.

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I knew I could count on you

by jimmy-jam In reply to I guess now is not the ti ...

You know I always harp on everyone to back stuff up bu somehow or other apparently I feel I am immune.

I do still have the original 1GB drive my personal wiki was on and did not write to it only "deleted" the files. Maybe... just maybe... (JJ crosses his fingers)...

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Good reminder

by intothinair In reply to Help! I am an idiot and n ...

Ouch. That really sucks. Like the other said, your only hope is to send it to the pros.

But if nothing else, thanks for posting this as a reminder to everyone else about how important it is to back everything up. I've got a 8GB USB drive at home I've been meaning to back up, but keep putting it off. I think I'll take care of that tonight...

Good luck!

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Glad I could help

by jimmy-jam In reply to Good reminder

Yes by all means back up back up back up

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Have a look at it with this

by Jacky Howe In reply to Help! I am an idiot and n ...
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Just noticed your Tags

by Jacky Howe In reply to Have a look at it with th ...

don't be too hard on yourself. We have all been down this path at sometime or other.

Come monday.........

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It'll be alright

by jimmy-jam In reply to Just noticed your Tags

It just upsets me cuz I know better...

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And that is the worst

by The Scummy One In reply to It'll be alright

kinda like dropping my purty bike at 6 MPH, cause I grabbed the front brake on powder and pebbles :0
L. mid cowl, scratched up paint and torn stickers
and even a small cut in the fairing

Worst part of it all was I Knew Better Dammit!!!

Anyway, it is recoverable -- just expensive as heck (Honda told me the sticker set for that particular fairing would cost me $150 :0 )

Anyone got carbon fiber unpainted fairings for a CBR 1000RR

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happend to me once

by ethaneh In reply to It'll be alright

once my stick blew iwas trying to connect the front usb of a tower and i must have miss wired the usb.blew the stick dosent evan light up i was devistated.

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