help - I can no longer see my photos on my extern hard drive

By elaimath ·
My boyfried is on a trip and is using the harddrive to save down photos form his camera. HE said:

I do know the Operating system I am using now as with all of the ones i have used so far is Windows, however this is windows 7 versus older versions.

Specifically what happened was when i plugged the hard drive in initially i was able to open it and see the folders within the drive. Then a pop up warning appeared in the bottom right corner, which i was unable to read fully before it automatically closed down. It said something like foreign drive detected and blocked
from the system.

From that point i could still open the hard drive device but it would not show any folders to view. Only when i looked and right clicked the drive properties that it showed 25 Gig of used space...

I had to copy more pics over to it so i went ahead and did so about 4 gig worth. The total drive space now shows approx 29 gig but only the new pics can be viewed...

Do you think it does sound like an operating system clash and if so, can the files be retrieved and reformatted? If it is not something like a operating system clash, so you think the pictures can be retrieved?
Also do you think he should avoid using the drive again in case he complicates the situation or make matters worse?

We would be massively grateful for any advice you could give.

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Don't worry, photos are still there.

by seanferd In reply to help - I can no longer se ...

That is just a security/safety feature.

Not sure, but I think you need the person with administrator privileges on the Win 7 machine to do this. (If it doesn't work, ask whomever owns the computer.)

Go to Disk Management and import the foreign drive:

in the Run box, click OK.

Find the disk in the window.
(If it is not shown, click Action → Rescan Disks.)
Right click on external drive, click Import Foreign Disk.

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by TobiF In reply to help - I can no longer se ...

It's possible that the 25 gigs are marked as belonging to a different "account".

Look, for instance, here:

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