HELP! I have an airport router, how do I change the NAT so I can play games

By spikey01 ·

I always get messages that my NAT is too restrictive and I cannot play certain games online because my NAT isn't compatible or open enough... I know how to use the Airport Extreme software to edit the NAT, but what exactly do I edit to have a less strict NAT?

If someone could help me, it'd be much appreciated...

Thank you,

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Had the EXACT SAME Problem!

by ezrhino_2 In reply to HELP! I have an airport r ...

Hey man, I am using a MAC BOOK PRO-Leopard 10.5.4,
and Airport Extreme. The only thing I can tell you is I
don't know about you, but I am pretty good at figuring
out MAC's Glitches, and networking issues, but this was a
stumper. I would suggest checking to make sure you
don't inadvertantly have the range extender feature, or
performance enhancement feature on (Those are not the
exact names, but i"m close. If that's not it, do what i did,
download and install IPNeTuner for MAC from Sustainable
system works - It fixed my problem and added,
depending on time of day, and traffic, approx 2 -4 MB/s
download speed and .3 - .75 MB Upload speed, at peak I
can now get (Sometimes) 32MB/s and 3.5MB Up. Plus the
way it let's you tweak your network settings is Unreal. It's
a little pricy, somewhere around $25 I think, but it's got a
30 day "try it plan" with no limitations during trial - BEST
I've EVER SEEN FOR MAC. 1 other thing - unrelated, take
the battery out while gaming, box stays cooler and runs
better, try it!

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