Help, I just installed a new hard drive and then xp pro...

By bennettchic ·
I had to buy a new hard drive for my computer. I did that, then added xp pro from when I bought this computer which was 6 years ago
First question:
Can I add a newer version of xp instead?

2.If so, how do I delete everything from my hard drive and start over with a newer version?

3.will it lock me out because it is not the cd that came with this computer?

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Not sure what you mean by a newer version of XP Pro

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Help, I just installed a ...

Provided you use the same version of Pro though you can use your existing Product Key to install something like XP Pro SP2 if you had SP 1 or below.

As to how to get rid of the existing install you can either ignore it completely and the new version will overwrite any different files and not be a problem or if you do have a problem you can use a Wiping Utility like Boot & Nuke to blow away the previous install of XP.


Or you can use a product like nLite to add new service Packs and Patches to your Install Disc and add any hardware drivers that you require for your computer nLite is available to download here


You'll also need to read the directions on nLite here


If you don't have a White Box but something from a System Maker like HP, Dell or so on then you will have a Slipstreamed Recovery Disc with all of the necessary Drivers on it and I don't think that you can use one of these with nLite to add newer Service Packs or Patches. The Recovery Disc's are also a special License that M$ sells tot he System Makers so your Product Key may not work with a OEM M$ Branded Install Disc.

If you have all of the drivers required installed you just need to log onto the Windows or Microsoft Update Web Site to fully patch your computer. If you have Office installed chose the M$ Update Site from the Windows Update Site to get all of the Office and any other M$ products that you may have installed patched.

If you don't have the necessary drivers installed and you are seeing a lot of yellow circles with a Black ? in them you need to get the Driver Disc's that came with your computer and install the drivers for things like the Video, LAN Sound and so on these may be different on different computers as Windows doesn't come with all of the possible drivers included on the install Disc. But if you use the ones that you got when you purchased the computer when you log onto the M$ Update Site you will be prompted with new drivers that have become available.

If you don't still have the Driver Disc's you'll need to do some Detective work and either look at the Part Manuals or the actual insides of the computer for the Make & Model Numbers of the parts like M'Board, Sound Card, Video Card, Modem and any other things that you may have fitted.

I hope that is of some help


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You are confusing yourself needlessly ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Help, I just installed a ...

You can add a newer version of XP if you wish, but all versions of XP are the same once you have updated from the Microsoft website. The only real difference between 'versions' of XP is whether they are Home version or Professional version.

To delete everything you would need to completely wipe the hard drive with a program such as 'Darik's Boot & Nuke'.


It won't lock you out, as such. But it may leave you with a badly installed XP since the installation disc won't have all the required drivers for your particular hardware, leaving you to wander around various sites trying to find the required chipset drivers.

Why are you wanting to use a 'newer' version of XP, when after you install, you simply invoke (if necessary) Service Packs 1,2 and 3 ?

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thought programs get better after years...

by bennettchic In reply to You are confusing yoursel ...

I thought that if I bought xp pro from 2001 to 2008 they are better than the last cd. guess i am just not as computer knowledgeable.
i am just not sure what i want now.
i am not sure how to check drivers
i am not sure about a lot of things because all of these posts just made me more confused than i already was.

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OK I'll try to keep it simple

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thought programs get bett ...

Microsoft constantly Update their products. Windows isn't like a car where newer is supposedly better. Think of Windows like a current model car where modifications are introduced through the life cycle of the model and these are incorporated as the car is serviced generally without the user being any the wiser as the Car Maker pays for this to be done.

In the case of Windows it just means that the newer Install Disc that you have the more Patches it has. If you don't have the newest you just need to patch the Existing one after it is installed to bring it up to the level of the latest version of Windows. This is currently Service Pack 3.

If you have the Original Version of Windows XP all you need do to bring it up to the Fully Patched Level is to install Service Pack 2 and then Service Pack 3 and then start looking for any required Patches or other upgrades. Things like Internet Explorer are newer as IE6 was bundled with the Original XP nd now IE7 is the current generation Web Browser supplied by Microsoft. There are also things like Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger which have been updated and now have different versions in use but all of these are down loadable from the Windows Update Site. Of course if you don't use any of these there is no need to download & install them.

If your current install is working properly all you need do is Patch it through the Windows Update Web Site which you get to by left clicking on Start-All Programs and then Windows Update which is on the Top Pane of the Menu that pops up. If you have already logged onto the Windows Updater Web Site and selected to use the Microsoft Update Web Site The green button on the Windows Update Site you will also see a entry for Microsoft Update there as well as whatever else you have installed that has a Update Option or can be configured to appear in that part of the Menu. It is however a very small list so it is easy to find things there.

If you use the Microsoft Update Service and have installed all of the required Drivers you will be notified of any replacement Drivers that are available that are Digitally Signed by M$ and be given the option to download them with the Windows and Microsoft Application Patches. They will not be an issue to you at all.

If you have not installed all of the required Drivers you need to before going to the Windows Update Web Site as this installs WGA Windows Genuine Advantage which prevents any Unsigned Drivers from being installed. The most obvious one here are the Realtech Sound Drivers which can not be installed after you log onto the Windows Update Site.

To check if you have installed all of the required Drivers left click on Start-Control Panel-Classic View-Administrative Tools-Computer Management and in the Window that Pops Up left click on Device Manager. Any Yellow Circles with black Exclamation Marks through them denote devices without Drivers Installed.

If you do not know what these devices are because they will not be shown because Windows doesn't know what they are you can use a product called Unknown Device Identifier it is available for free download from here


After you install this and run it you will be told what is present without Drivers. If you have a Intel Chip Set M'Board most of the Device Drivers will be installed but if you have a SIS or other make Chip Set you will need to install the drivers for these. They come from the Device Maker or the System Maker depending on your computer. It's easier if you brought a computer from a System Maker like Dell, HP or so on as all you need do in a case like this is to go to their Web Sits and download the drivers for your Model Computer and OS then install them. You may be required to Unzip compressed files with a product like Win Zip available here to download free


I hope that has cleared up the confusion somewhat though my explanation may be as Clear as Mud.


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Thanks so much

by bennettchic In reply to OK I'll try to keep it si ...

That made a ton of sense to me. I appreciate your taking the time and writing that for me.
In terms of the xp pro. i just wrote the wrong verbage. i was jsut talking about the uodated version like you are talkign about with serrvice pack3.
thanks again. that really helps me a lot.

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Your Welcome glad I could be of some small assistance to you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks so much

If you need to know any more please just ask.


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still can't connect to internet so still having issue

by bennettchic In reply to OK I'll try to keep it si ...

i can't connect to the internet on one computer after installing xp pro and go to my device manager still and can't see the broadcom controller and intel wifi link under my network adaptors. where can i get them so i can finally get online? please help me with the dummy instructions like you did the other stuff. I can't get on the links you sent me on that computer because i can't get to the internet. I hope you understand what I am asking.


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You will need to determine

by IC-IT In reply to still can't connect to in ...

who made your system (manufacturer) or the Motherboard. Then you can navigate to their site and download the necessary drivers.
Post your make and model here or enter the BIOS and post your BIOS string.
Manufacturer example. HP DC5100

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i can't connect so that is an issue

by bennettchic In reply to You will need to determin ...

I have a dell inspiron 8600 intel pentium m with a mini wifi card. just can't figure out how to get the drivers from the cds and can't connect so i am lost.

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Use the computer you are posting from

by IC-IT In reply to i can't connect so that i ...

Then either download and burn to CD or a thumb drive. Here is the link for your drivers.


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