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    Help I’m out of ideas


    by axcastillo ·

    ok i have a compaq nc6000 laptop
    the problem is that on boot up it goes straight to a flashing curser in the top left corner and stays there it gives no errors and no beeps
    in cmos i can see it detects everything fine it boots from cd with no problem but this is the 3rd hard drive i replace and the 5th time i have reinstalled windows using 3 different windows cd’s
    it does not boot it shows the compaq splash screen gives me the option to go into setup then goes straight into to blank screen with the curser flashing in top left corner
    i would apreciate any ideas when i reload windows it works fine for a few days then it does it again


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      by w2ktechman ·

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      I have had this problem on this system. It is not reading the cd properly (as a boot cd). Even a cd that works in other systems do not always work on the nc\tc line(s). You can try another drive, or another cd. Luckily I have spare parts for it here so it just means swapping stuff around for me.
      If it installs correctly from the cd, and just wont go into Windows, check the jumper settings on the drive.

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      by miss kitty ·

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      It could be your memory. Try reseating the memory card(s). They may have been jostled and are not seated.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      If none of the above work out I would try the Ultimate Boot CD available from

      And do some System Diagnostics. Forget about attempting to Load Windows until you are sure that the hardware is working properly. If it isn’t you are just wasting your time and effort in constantly reinstalling Windows.

      Also I would try a couple of Different Live Linux CD’s and see if they run. I’ve seen cases where an IDE Controller is going bad allow something like Knoppix to run and not SUSE. SO I always carry a copy of Knoppix, Ubuntu, SUSE with me just to be able to do a quick and dirty test.

      Of course just to make your life interesting these type of faults don’t get picked up by any diagnostic programs till they fail totally.


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