Help in setting up a wireless network

By anupamlahoti ·
we have a 3 floor building i want to setup a wireless network in there.
so can you tell me what steps i have to take.
will one wireless will be sufficient or i need 2

Can i use a router as an Access point for the other router if i use 2 wireless router.and the second wireless router as an access point for the computers or laptops.

any suggetions or help we be great.

can you tell me how to setup the network.

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Wireless Network

by Churdoo In reply to Help in setting up a wire ...

For a 3-story building, yes you'll likely have to use at least 2 WAP's to cover the building, possibly more.

You can use another wireless/router as the second WAP, but be careful to configure wireless/router #2 to disable DHCP, and to plug the building wired network into a LAN port of wireless/router #2, NOT the WAN port.

I do not suggest bridging signal to the 2nd access point wirelessly, rather PULL CAT5e or CAT6 wire from the access points to the main router to connect them physically. Even if your equipment does allow the wireless bridging, you'll likely find that the resulting througput will be impractical. Pull wire between the access points.

For the Wireless setup of multiple WAP's on a single network, configure each WAP with the the same SSID and security settings, but I've read recommendations to configure different channels on overlapping WAP's

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by anupamlahoti In reply to Wireless Network


But can you be more specific on how to setup

i will be taking a connection which provides a router from there i have to provide a CAT5e wire till WAP 1 and for WAP 2 what should i do.

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Wireless Network

by jsmgsolutions In reply to Thanks

you have to physically connect the two WAPs to the router with a CAT5e cable, then you will configure the two WAPs so they both get an IP from the router and start broadcasting the wireless signal. Then you can configure your computer to get a DHCP or a Static IP. Make sure you configure your router so it will give access to the two WAPs.

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