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By j_madhavi13 ·
Hi I am developing a project in which an access db contains details of employees including their photos and a form in VB to go through the db,ie. add, update new entry etc. I want help regarding how to save photos in access db n how to display it with each entry using a form in VB.

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Photos in Access DB

by bharat_balasubramanian In reply to Help in VB

Try using the OLE_Object data type as it supports storing the photo or other OLE Objects. OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) is used for this purpose only.

Try developing a sample table using a table wizard and you would know how it is done.

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VB6 , VBA or VB.Net ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Help in VB

Google Store Image in Access ADO and one of the above.

There will be many answers because it's not the first time the question was ever asked....

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by Owaga In reply to Help in VB

It's incredibly bad coding practice to keep images stored in an access database. On SQL server thats a whole different story. granted it will help in backups its better to store a pointer to the image files themselves.

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It's not particularly clever in SQL Server

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Wrong!

either, often pragmatic though.

MS have said they basically going to kill off blobs in SQL server. So me I'd be looking at the alternatives now, before you have to figure out how to upgrade and break them all out.
MS are suggesting a Sharepoint link, the technical reasoning behind that escapes me at the moment though.

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Problem with Access and Pics

by LarryD4 In reply to Help in VB

Rather then type it all up, its late for me and I'm tired..
I searched on it and this site explains the issues best.

But here is the gist of it..
When a user inserts a file using OLE Embedding (eg a jpeg picture), Access attempts to invoke the application that is registered for that file-type/extension, and have it store the 'Object' using OLE mechanisms. Only a few graphics applications support this functionality,
(MS-Paint, the crappy office photo editor thing, etc...)
and if the registered application does not, a default 'Package' is created (which cannot be displayed directly on a form/report).

In order to display the picture, Access attempts to invoke the application that was used to initially store the object. If this application is not correctly installed & registered on the user's system, the image will display as an icon.

I have an AccessDB with employee pics and I wanted to give it a Web interface. It was close to near impossible to get the pics working.

Here is the link to the rest of the article.

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