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Help Please!!!!! I installed a graphics card and now my system won't boot back to windows. My O/S is XP and I've tried everything. I'm here to find a possible simple solution before a last resort....anybody with any suggestions???..the card I installed was a GeForce 6200 DDR2 266mb pci universal card by pny technologies. I'm in dire straights here and need help... I can't boot back to windows from either side, the new card side or my onboard side....i'm lost...what i do get is a blue screen with a error message telling me that a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to my computer...Did i do something wrong??? Please Help!!!!!!!!!!

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Windows not booting

by Nimmo In reply to HELP!!! INSTALLED A GRAPH ...

First make sure that the card is properly seated in the slot.

The BSOD sounds like its a driver conflict.

Unplug all peripherals except the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Try booting into safe mode it will load a generic graphic driver then you can uninstall the current graphic driver from device manager.

Reboot the system, if it loads into windows install the correct driver for that card.

(dont install the one from the disk, get the newest from the website).

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Try this

by JPLconsultant In reply to HELP!!! INSTALLED A GRAPH ...

1. Pull the card.
2. Boot to safe mode
3. Uninstall the new card's drivers
4. Reboot normally.

If that passes,

1. Install the drivers for the new card
2. Install the new card and boot.

When asking for help, the more info you can provide, the better.

"I've tried everything"
What is "everything". Obviously you missed something, because your system is still broken. Telling us what you've done helps us in providing you good information without duplicating your efforts.

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Still Nothing

by smanuel10702 In reply to HELP!!! INSTALLED A GRAPH ...

I've tried everything and still get the blue screen with the error message. it says un-mountable-boot error. I have no idea what that means. As for explaining what everything is, I've taken the card out and re-connected my monitor back to its original port, rebooted and nothing, the dell logo pops up and the windows screen pops up but no windows welcome screen. I can't boot to windows to get to the device manager to turn of on board controls so i'm just stuck...I did find out that the power supply for my computer is now sufficient enough for the card that i installed...I'm off to buy a better power supply....let me know if that could be the problem???

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Power Supply

by ComputerCookie In reply to HELP!!! INSTALLED A GRAPH ...

What is wattage of you current P/S?

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