Help installing SATA Samsung DVD

By pastorcraig ·
Hi all,
I am trying to install a sata Samsung DVD-RW drive to my system.
The system is using a Gigabyte GA-945P-S3 motherboard with Intel Core 2 Duo processor running Win XP SP3.
The m/board has 1 x IDE connector, 4 x SATA connector.
Currently I have the following attached.
1 x IDE 150Gb hard disk & 1 x LG DVD-RW (both on the same cable)
1 x SATA 250Gb hard drive
1 x SATA 500 Gb hard drive.

If I attach the new Samsung DVD the machine will start its CMOS run, but then stop part way through and just hang.

The manual seems to indicate that this DVD should be OK to connect, but it's not happening.

Any help appreciated.


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Help installing SATA Samsung DVD

by balge In reply to Help installing SATA Sams ...

could try checking the BIOS settings, make sure its not trying to boot off your new drive or the PSU may be struggling under the load? What power supply do you have?

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As a test, unplug the sata HDD and try it with just the DVD

by robo_dev In reply to Help installing SATA Sams ...

Also, make sure the DVD drive is getting power....does it sound like it is initializing? Does the tray open/close when you press the button?

Try swapping PSU connectors between the SATA DVD and HDD. If the HDD no longer works.....

As balge noted, your PSU could be overwhelmed.

Is the DVD drive visible to the BIOS of the PC if you go into the BIOS setup screen?

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Thanks, have done this

by pastorcraig In reply to As a test, unplug the sat ...

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, DVD initialises OK and is detected during boot screen.

It seems that if I remove one hard drive (not C:), then plug DVD into that slot it works fine.
I have tried every combination and it seems I can only get
1 x IDE & 2 x Sata connections to work.
If I connect the 3rd sata drive (DVD or hard drive) it will not boot beyond BIOS start screen.
However, there are 4 sata connectors.

Any ideas?


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by balge In reply to Thanks, have done this

have you tested
all drives work
all cables work
all ports work
all detect in BIOS

if they all work separately but not when they are plugged in together, at the same time, then I don't see what else it can except PSU not being up to driving all six drives?
What exactly happens when "it will not boot beyond BIOS start screen"

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Re: tested

by pastorcraig In reply to tested

Yes, all drives work OK.
Yes, all cables work OK.
Re ports, how do I test them? If a drive works on one sata port, will it work on all 4 sata ports on the m/bard?
If I plug a working drive into sata port 4 instead of 1 should it boot up the same as normal?
Yes, all ports detected in BIOS.
I have 1 x IDE cable plugged in (with a x DVD & 1 x 150Gb drive attached)
Also, 2 x sata hard drives on individual sata ports.
If I try to plug in another sata device the boot screen gets part way through then freezes.
I can send a screen shot, but not sure how.

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Re: tested

by balge In reply to Re: tested

not bothered which ports you boot from just to be sure that all the SATA ports actually work with a drive plugged in, be it HDD or optical.
Are you booting off the IDE ports normally?
Just a description of what's on screen when it hangs would do

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Found prob. Can't fix

by pastorcraig In reply to Re: tested

OK, I have found the problem. Hidden deep in BIOS options is a switch for sata ports.
Options are normal, combined, enhanced + a couple of others.
However, they are all blanked out (cannot be changed) It is set on normal with sata ports 3 & 4 disabled. There is no way to enable them.
I guess I'm just stuck with 2 operative sata ports & 2 inoperative ones.
I have tried every combination & setting to do with sata control, ibcluding "load optimum settings" & "load failsafe settings". All to no avail. The options remain blanked out.
Thanks for your help.

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by balge In reply to Re: tested

hmm well you could check Gigabyte for an updated BIOS and flash it, if available or check their support.
Otherwise, you could fit a PCI SATA card to utilise your new drive?

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by pastorcraig In reply to Help installing SATA Sams ...

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, have checked BIOS and is definately booting from hard drive.
Power supply is the standard one that came from the computer shop. 420w I think.

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Couple of thoughts

by robo_dev In reply to Thanks

By default some PCs, such as Dell, do not have all the SATA ports enabled in the BIOS setup. This is most likely not your issue, but something to look at.

There may be some advanced BIOS settings on your PC that are important...not sure.

I would reset the BIOS to factory defaults, as sometimes things get messed up.

Also, inspect all connectors/cables closely, and swap out the cables for differnt ones, it could be a bad cable or connector on a device.

Look for a BIOS update for your PC motherboard. It is possible that there is a bug in the bios version you have.

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