HELP ! : is any i7 CPU capable of using 24 GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM

By offtherails2010 ·
hello and good day to you all ! Im never going to be happy nor content without building a pc with 24GB of DDR3 1333Mhz Ram... Although i heard that the new i7's (all models) cannot support 1333Mhz DDR3 Ram... Please can someone set the record straight, is any Intel i7 processor capable of supporting 24 GB of 1333Mhz DDR3 Ram ??? If not, i need help finding a CPU that CAN support 24GB of 1333Mhz Ram. This is the only place i always rely on to ask such a question because everyone that is on this site generally 'are-pc-gods' and i am just a humble disciple trying to follow the ways of the super computer! Please please help! And many many thanks in advance to all who can answer my question!! PS- This pc i want to build will have windows 7 64 bit loaded and will be primarily used for heavy gaming, a 1GB graphics card, maybe two, but i need it to boast 24GB ram..... the speed of which must be 1333Mhz. Once again, A-Major Thank-you to all who have serious knowledge of computers to help me in my quest!

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2 or 3 Channels of DDR3 1066 MHz memory, 16-24 GB

by seanferd In reply to HELP ! : is any i7 CPU ca ...


(Slide over to find the 24 GB support processors.)

Trade-offs: DDR3-1066/1333 (16 GB) DDR3-800/1066 (24 GB)

Now, you need to find a motherboard that will hold all the RAM. And a 64-bit OS, of course.

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Well in answer to your question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to HELP ! : is any i7 CPU ca ...

is any i7 CPU capable of using 24 GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM

No there is not but this is because the CPU itself doesn't care what type, speed or capacity of RAM is mounted on the M'Board. This is a direct result of the Chip Set of the M'Board not the CPU.

Also for Games I suppose you could use large Video Cards in Cross Fire Mode so you double the GPU Processing Power and Memory on the Video Cards, that way you could mount 2 Video Cards and have double the Video Memory.

As for M'Boards that use a i7 CPU and can carry 24 GIG of 1333 MHZ RAM you have to look at the Individual M'Board Specifications and because I like Gigabyte M'Boards I would suggest this one the Gigabyte GA-X58-USB3 Full specifications are available here


Though you may be limited with the slower RAM as this M'Board can carry faster depending on the FSB of the CPU. You would have to chose a CPU to suit the 1333 MHZ FSB of a i7 CPU. You can use RAM rated to 2200 though I'm sure that a 1333 MHZ is usable but for bragging rights I would have thought that the DDR3 2200 would be better.

While this would be a High End Computer it would in no way shape or form be considered as a Super Computer though.


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Thanks guy's, Most Helpful !

by offtherails2010 In reply to HELP ! : is any i7 CPU ca ...

its a right shame that no i7 cpu can support 1333Mhz DDR3 speed ram, almost cried when i read that the "most powerful processor" in the world cannot support 24GB of this fast ram.

As with the choice of motherboards, i have been using Asus for years, but also like Gigabyte too, a very nice motherboard fro the link, probably will go for it!

And your right, this wont be a super computer with out at least 2 SSD's in RAID-0 config, but whats the best way to utilise RAID for the best speeds ? Either from using the mobo's own RAID setup or to add a separate RAID card ???

Once again i thank you all for your input, greatfully recieved!

PS, is there an AMD CPU capable of holding 24GB 1333Mhz Ram ???

(Although i have my heart set on an i7 build this time!)

Again, many thanks in advance!

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Again this is more to do with the M'Board than the CPU

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks guy's, Most Helpfu ...

Gigabyte has a AMD M'Board that can carry 16 GIG of RAM where as ASUS top AMD M'Board only caries 8 GIG so at the moment there doesn't appear to be anything for the AMD Range to compete with the Intel Chip Sets.



But the above link to the Intel Chip Set Gigabyte M';Board can carry 24 GIG of faster RAM that what you requested.


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24 GB Ram Quest !

by offtherails2010 In reply to Again this is more to do ...

Many thanks again for your input, its monumental to a humble home system builder!

Currently doing my A plus certification, really love computers a lot, and dont watch TV at all because of this!

Anyhoo, Yeah, apologies, its definately the motherboard thats to do with how much ram it can hold, but...

Q: what would happen to the health of the components if 24gb of 1333Mhz ram was installed in a motherboard capable of holding that much ram, along with the i7 950 cpu ?
Would it just not power-on or something ?

Basically ive got 12gb of 1333mhz Corsair ram (3 x 4gb) and hope to get another 12gb soon.

I think the ultimate question, i think the answer is also the question, but a penny for your thoughts, so-to-speak: !

Q2. Would i have to wait for the next generation i7 cpu that would support 24gb of 1333Mhz of ram ?!?

and last Curious Question...!

Q3. RAID-0 Is Annoying me!
- ive a RAID-0 (Stripe) config setup, parts specs are below, i just cant get my pc to bootup into windows 7 (64 bit) in less time than 1min 10 secs from pushing the power button - to a useable desktop.

This is HIGHLY frustrating as ive used the motherboards onboard RAID config to make it and also tried doing it via a PCI-E (x1) RAID card BUT it always almost yields the same results.

Ive tried setting the sector size to 4kb, 8kb, 16kn, 64kb and i think i tried it on the 128kb manual RAID setup (many many many Re-installations of windows!) but give or take 5 seconds, i get the same results. My BIOS is always updated to the latest version too.

Please - I'm begging you, help me out on this one, i almost dont have any hair left as ive tore most of it out in shire frustration of not getting my pc to boot up quicker than 1 minute 10 seconds!

My question is, Have i reached the maximum potential of all the gear ive installed in this pc ???


Motherboard: Asus Crossfire II (AMD2+/AM3)

CPU: AMD Athlon 7850 2.8Ghz OC'd to 3.1Ghz

RAM: Kingston DDR2 running @ 800Mhz (400Mhz actual clock)

GRAPHICS: Asus 9800 GT (1024MB)

HD Two Western Digital WD8000AARS 800GB (64MB cache)

AAAAAAAAArrrrrrrgggggggg !!!

Please please please help !!!

Gratitude of a thousand humble men given well in advance for helping me out of this headache i have given myself !!!!

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Well if this helps the answer is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 24 GB Ram Quest !

42 it is always 42.

Q: what would happen to the health of the components if 24gb of 1333Mhz ram was installed in a motherboard capable of holding that much ram, along with the i7 950 cpu ?
Would it just not power-on or something ?

It would just work but here for best performance you need Matched Sets and your AMD M'Board used Dual Channel RAM where as the listed Gigabyte M'Board uses Triple Channel RAM so while your 3 Modules may be OK they may also introduce Timing Errors or just limit the speed of the system. Matched Sets is always better than individual RAM Modules and they happen to be more expensive.

As for as maxing out the M'Board and applying power it provided there was a big enough Power Supply it would run plain and simple though there are likely to be Cooling Issues with a unit packed so tightly. To this end you would need a decent case with room for quite a few or large Case Fans to move enough air through the case to keep things cool or get really extreme and use something like this


Ideally without the air bubbles.

However Oil Cooling causes real problems when it comes to Fault Finding and you get really messy as it's impossible to remove the oil.

Q2. Would i have to wait for the next generation i7 cpu that would support 24gb of 1333Mhz of ram ?!?

No the current generation of Intel i7 CPU's will work with 24 GIG of RAM provided that the M'Board that they are mounted on can carry that much. It's much more to do with the M'Board than the CPU though for something like this I would expect that you would need to use one of the higher end i7's which would be more expensive.

Personally for something like this i7 I would be using Corsair Dominator RAM as I've had better results with it than I have had with Kingston RAM but if you want to use Kingston RAM look at their HyperX T1. But no matter the brand for best performance the RAM should be Matched and not individual Modules. Individual Modules will slow down the system.

Q3. RAID-0 Is Annoying me!
- ive a RAID-0 (Stripe) config setup, parts specs are below, i just cant get my pc to bootup into windows 7 (64 bit) in less time than 1min 10 secs from pushing the power button - to a useable desktop.

Well you may have reached the limits of your current hardware. There are way too many variables here. I'm not really sure which M'Board you have but it needs to have 2 Identical RAM Modules installed so that it gets the fastest performance and at the same time the better RAM should be used if speed is your only aim. So again using Kingston HyperX T1 would be faster than the cheaper Kingston RAM that is available.

As for the HDD I personally Prefer the 64 MEG Cached Seagate Drives but while the data transfer speed is no different the drives with more Cache appear to run faster and for read/write Intensive activities they certainly allow the computer to run faster if it is properly configured. So I buy the HDD with the largest amount of Cache on them for the best performance possible. If WD make drives with more than 64 MEG of Cache these would be faster than what you currently have though there are limits to how much you can push these things.

As the ASUS M'Board uses Dual Channel RAM on need to have a even number of Identical RAM Modules installed or the system will be locked in Single Channel Mode and the CPU will be getting feed at 50% of it's possible capacity. Instead of having 2 Data Streams coming in at 400 MHZ each you'll just have the one coming in at 400 MHZ.

Also if these are not Matched RAM Modules there will be a speed loss as they will have slightly different Timing Rates and the system will be locked to the slowest Module Fitted.

Another possibility is with the CPU overclocked it may be producing errors which are slowing down boot times it all depends on how stable the Power Supply and M'Board Chip Set is here. You may find that you get faster boot times with the BIOS Set to Auto Detect the CPU but then again depending on just how good the rest of the components are you may not.

For Power Supplies I like the Antec Ones as they will sacrifice themselves rather than allow surges and over voltage events inside the case destroying the M'Board.

This was really brought home to me when during a severe Thunder Storm a tree fell onto the Overhead Mains Service bringing the 33KV Distribution Lines into contact with the Lower Voltage Mains. Everything in that part of the system/neighborhood was destroyed in all the houses as well as a couple of houses. The computer in one just required a replacement PS and worked for the next 3 years without a fault. Well the case, Key Board, Mouse at least the monitor needed replacing.

When I got there after the storm they where picking bits of Glass Cook Top out of the walls and ceiling. Not to mention the Fire Brigade hosing down several houses which had been on fire because of the Severe Over Voltage Event. From my understanding that computer was the only thing to survive with basically a new Antec PS and Monitor being all that was required.

Confused yet?


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Beer budget

by santeewelding In reply to Well if this helps the an ...

Champagne tastes. Beer understanding, too.

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