HELP! Is there anyway to make a bar pivot chart print all row labels?

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All my row labels show when I do a column chart. I am using a bar chart in two other places and all the labels are showing. Each row has data - it is not empty, but the bar chart is skipping every other row label.

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Row labels in bar chart or column

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Geez -I accidentally figured it out. Right Click on Row label section of chart, choose Format Axis. In this case, I had to take it off Automatic under "Interval between labels" and select Specify interval - which defaults to 1 which was what I needed. Maybe everyone else knew that, but it took me a while. Maybe someone can use this.

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Make bigger

by fledis In reply to HELP! Is there anyway to ...

Just make whole chart bigger dragging the corner (down-right or up-right). Or Format Axis and set Font Size smaller.

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