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Help! I've stuffed up my adsl router address

By ChrisBurch ·
I've stuffed up my adsl router ip.

Setup : network 192.168.1.x netmask
on a linux network

Original - router ip netmask

Firstly communicated with router by setting an ip alias on eth0 of netmask - and communicated fine, so I decided to change the ip to netmask (don't ask me why 127, just thought I'd try it!), then rebooted the router.

Now I can't see it or ping it. I've tried various ip aliases on eth0, and adding gateways to the routing table, but now I'm stuck.

Any ideas gratefully accepted.


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by Jinn In reply to Help! I've stuffed up my ...

I'm getting a cold shiver looking at that subnet mask. Trying to remember how this works again. Sheesh. Umm i dunno. Try using with the same subnet mask to reach the router? Tho I'm just throwing out a guess here.

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by elGreatorex In reply to Help! I've stuffed up my ...

Q1 what make & model is your ADSL router ?

most ADSL router I have come accross have a nice get out button called reset.

normally it is a very small recessed button so you cannot accidentally reset it. This should take it back to factory settings.

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Router address

by Raven - cdn In reply to Help! I've stuffed up my ...

Try this:
Router address subnet mask
Workstation address: subnet mask gateway:

The subnet mask determines the broadcast address and determines if the address you are trying to access is within its local area or if it needs to access it through a router (Default Gateway). It is a base 2 system so: valid addresses are used within that system; 252,248,240,224,192,128.

Remember if you are using a different subnet you will need to change the IP address on the workstation to something within the same subnet to see the new router IP.

For more info on subnets:,,sid7_gci213065,00.html

Hope this makes sense.

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by ChrisBurch In reply to Router address


Thanks for replies

Yup, made me shiver too.

Router - generic conexant chipset, model AR41/2A - can't really find a manufacturer - somewhere in Taiwan, I think - it does have a reset button, but its a flash based os and settings memory, so unless you specifically set it, it won't lose settings with power off.

Raven - I'll try that, may have to separate a machine from the network to do it, because ip aliasing the ethernet card with 192.168.1.x and another broadcast address seems to trash the network.

Will get post back with resuls - thanks again.


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Router address?

by ChrisBurch In reply to Router address


Just re-read your reply

I can't set the router address, because I can't contact it - I set it to netmask - so are the numbers above still valid?


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