Help locating Port 4567 and closing it?

By Shergill ·
I would appreciate any help, but please in simple, idiot language. I'm very new at this.

I use Windows XP Media Edition, Version 2002, SP3, Norton 360, Version

Since September 10th, I've been getting a pop up box, warning me about a malicious virus, I can see a scan running in the back, but when I run a comprehensive scan, nothing shows up.

Virus scans from Symantec, Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool, ShieldsUp common probes scan all show up clean. These scans were run before and after the last pop, with the same result.

The symantec security scan shows vulnerability to Trojan Horse as Port 4567 is open. Norton has been no help, as the people I've spoken to do not know how? and keep wanting to put me thru. to the Anti-Virus dept., which I refuse as there is no Virus. Since I switched to the upgraded version, I've been hit twice, two weeks apart, all the time got no alert from Norton, until all **** broke loose. I can't see how, as I'm very careful, use their identity safe log in, use the same media sites etc., hardly surf the net, no downloads, IM, attachments etc.

I had no problems for a year with Norton 360,
assuming an older version for a whole year, but these past few months have been a nightmare.

Although my subscription with Norton does not end until April 2010, I need peace of mind and would be deeply indebted, if someone could recommend a good AV software, one that offers 24/7 support.

I did take the precaution of disconnecting client and file sharing for MSFT Ntwks.

Thank you so much. I've learned a lot just reading the blogs although most of it has made very little sense to me. :)


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Are you sure that there are no infections

by OH Smeg In reply to Help locating Port 4567 a ...

Or just that your Scanners can not detect them? There is a very big difference and both of the listed Scanners are not the best for the job.

Try loading Malware Bytes

Spy Bot S&amp

Update as necessary and then reboot the system into Safe Mode and scan it again. Remove any listings that appear.

As for closing the Port open your Firewall Application whatever that is and Close Port 4567 in that.


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by Shergill In reply to Are you sure that there a ...

Thanks for the links and tips, appears to be virus free. Still no solution on the Port, as I checked the firewall settings, Norton and Verizon are just as clueless as I am.

Any suggestions for good AV Software, with 24/7 tech support?

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I think you hit the nail on the head!

by Shergill In reply to Are you with Verizon?

I think you nail on the head. Verizon is the network provider. I had already checked with them before, but today pointed them towards the info. on the link. As per VZN 4567 is a FIOs # and I have DSL, but tomorrow will conf. call VZN & Norton so that they can battle it out, as neither one of them can locate this mysterious port. Thank you, could not have done with your help. If you any recommendations as far as a good AV Software with knowledgable tech support, pls. let me know. Have had it with Norton! Thanks again.

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Nail on the head

by Jacky Howe In reply to I think you hit the nail ...

I have been using Avast which is free for home use on my five networked Systems for months now without any problems, no impact on performance either. You only have to register it and then re-register again annually. Set it and forget it.

This is when I switched over.

<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Discussion</u></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"><u>Avast-Free-Home-Antivirus</u></a>

You can get a more powerful version that you pay for but I have been happy with the free one.

The output can be captured and opened in NotePad. You could then print the document.

To see a complete list of commands type netstat /? at a command prompt.

Press the WinKey + r type cmd and press Enter. Press Enter after each command that you type.

netstat -ano >netstate.txt

netstat -an >netstate.txt

netstat -o >netstate.txt

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open a command prompt

by CG IT In reply to Help locating Port 4567 a ...

type netstat

the resulting output will show you all the open ports. Note: the address is the NIC loopback address and is used for diagnostics. you will see a long list.

using the netstat -an command will show you listening ports

netstat -o will list what proceses are with each connection.

there are tools you can use like fport or active ports to show what's going on

by default, firewalls allow all outbound connections. To close a port, you will have to configure your firewall to specifically block outbound connections by that port.

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by Shergill In reply to open a command prompt

Elusive Port 4567 is MIA. It did not show up, when I ran the command, Norton and Verizon are both in denial. I have scheduled them both for a conf. call tomorrow so that they can battle it out. I have broadband DSL and 4567 is a FIOs #.

Is there a way to print all the commands?
Thank you for your help.

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If it didn't show up as open, listening or whatnot

by CG IT In reply to MIA

then it's not active. That's not to say you might not have a problem because there are some threats that hid themselves in legitimate traffic, and sometimes they sit dormant. To block outbound traffic on a specific port, you have to manually configure your Norton firewall to block it.

for printing see Jackie Howes post. copy and paste to notepad, then print.

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