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Help !! Low RAM....Optimization?!?!?

By cyberghost_1 ·
BOTTOM LINE.......I have 700MHz Celeron, 64Mb RAM, Win98SE. What I really would like to know, what are the BEST settings for my PC? On the following: Min/Max File Cache (vcache), Virtual Memory, Read Ahead Limit (Max is 64), Desktop or Network Server Setting, IO Page Buffer Size, VFAT Contigious Allocation Size, and any other tweaks that can help get the MOST PERFORMANCE from this PC. I am using CACHEMAN, Ace Utilities, TuneUp Utilities 2004, FreshUI, TweakUI, and I had WinHacker but my trail expired. Any programs that i didn't list that are worth trying? I would really like the ABSOLUTE best recommendations that will help. About Display, Icon Cache, ANYTHING PLEASE !!!!!!! One other thing, I have FreeRAM XP Pro 1.40, it reads that my Virtual Memory is 256MB Total. Is that correct? I tried changing it...Control Panel>System>Performance>Virtual Memory, I tried defining my own settings, but Windows KEEPS on managing these settings, each time I configure the settings after I click on ok/apply, I re-open the Tab and the Selection for letting Windows manage these settings is hilighted......What is te deal? Any and all info/seggestions are appreciated....Thanks

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by TheChas In reply to Help !! Low RAM....Optim ...

The MOST important thing for you to do is to reduce the number of programs that run at startup / run all the time.

Use Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) to display a list of running programs.
If you have much more than 1 page of programs, you need to decide which programs to disable.
You should only run one each of tweaking and memory management programs at any one time.

IMHO, memory and cache managers are only of value as a temporary fix for a memory leak.

As to virtual memory settings, when you change the settings, Windows applies the new settings as the "limits" to be used for Windows to manage virtual memory.
After a re-boot, Windows should be using the new settings. But, will state that Windows is controlling virtual memory.
This IS correct.

If memory serves me correctly, you have asked a related question recently.
My basic answer then still holds.
The BEST way to improve your system performance is to add between 64MB and 128MB of additional RAM!!!

As far as all the other settings go, the primary factor that determines what setting is best is how you use your PC.

Do you access a lot of files off of your hard drive?
Then you want to maximize file cache and read ahead.

Do you open multiple applications, or large files such as images or audio files?
Then you need to have as much free hard drive space as possible for virtual memory.

Of the settings you listed, Display properties will have the most impact on system speed.
The lower the resolution and the fewer number of colors available, the faster your system will run.


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by TheChas In reply to

With all of the software that you have had on this system, and my assumption that Windows 98 has been on the PC for more than 2 years, you should seriously consider a clean installation of Windows.
Again, IMHO, (and that of others) a Windows 9X installation has a "functional" life of 2 years or less. At which time, registry and system file bloat WILL slow down the system significantly.
If this were my system, I WOULD back up my files, format the hard drive, and start over.
Watch out for Windows Updates that SLOW W98 systems down.
I recommend AGAINST installing IE 6 or DirectX 9 on most Windows 98 systems.
In your situation, 64MB of RAM is just not enough for your PC to run effectively with IE 6 or DirectX 9 installed.

Another tip, do NOT install accessories and networking components that you do not need / use.


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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

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by TechieRob In reply to Help !! Low RAM....Optim ...

Anything stopping you from purchasing more RAM? That to me seems to be the bottleneck other than running all those "optimisation" programs
If you purchased another 64 stick (dunno if theyre still in cirulation) or you could spluge out and get a 256 or 128 mb stick and install that. Totally agree with Chas on this one though, after 2 years Windows 9x systems do slow to a grinding halt 99% of the time but I am not sure as to why this happens. Maybe its Microsoft's incentive for users to upgrade their OS
Also running these "utilization" programs typically will only work in the short term, untill ultimately you have to upgrade, there are limits to what PC's can do after all

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

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by mzy In reply to Help !! Low RAM....Optim ...

you're getting too ambitious to include too many things in one question. I think each setting you like to know about warrants a whole question altogether..

Set your virtual memory to twice that of your physical memory for optimum. For your case, 128mb. If you try changing and windows reverts back for you, just restart the computer and try again, it's probably just another bug in Windows that happens over time, randomly.

Whatever other limit stuff, just tune it to default. Windows can manage them for ya.

My god you have so many programs on your com just to get the most performance outta it? The more programs you have the more cluttered the computer is, and the less it can work well! For best performance just install the bare basics, tweaking can only bring you only that little performace acceleration, which is more than negated by your installing of so many programs. In the end your com would be worse off.

If you want RAM optimisation as in freeing up RAM for work, simply restart your computer. This will free up the most RAM for you. Programs can only search through and free up that much, and also take space in the RAM, why bother.

Sometimes, it's the simplest solutions that would work best. And this is one of that times.

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to

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by cyberghost_1 In reply to Help !! Low RAM....Optim ...

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