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By ishldabnblnd ·
How do I lnk my guy's laptopto my puter, so we can share files and internet

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by TheChas In reply to help me

How close are the 2 computers to each other?

If you use them fairly close to each other, all you need is a "crossover" cable.

Each computer needs a network card.

Then, connect the crossover cable to each computer.

To share files and internet access, both computers need to be part of the same work-group.

In networks, you need to verify that the Work group names are EXACTLY the same for each computer, and the computer names are unique.
Then, enable file and printer sharing.

To share your internet connection, you need to install Internet Connection Sharing on the PC that connects to the internet.
At the end of installing ICS, you have the option to create a client setup floppy.
Create the floppy, and use it to setup the other PC as the ICS client.

Note: ICS is part of Windows 98 and newer. ICS should be installed on the computer with the newest version of Windows.

If you have DSL or cable, or the computers are far apart, I recommend using a Cable / DSL router with a built in switch.

There are links to home networking tutorials at


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