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    help me decipher bullshit


    by somebozo ·

    can someone explain me what kind of supermega jega most powerfull Virus armour this guy has created and trying to portray @

    A little background info, some dude shows up for presentation of an AV software which look more like “just another hack and GUI customization of ClamAV” then he runs a cd of about 500 viruses on disk..Almost all of them way to old some of them even dating to the century of DOS…

    I am sure if someone came up with the magical formula to cure and prevent computer viruses, he could be owning all MS stakes next day!

    I cant prove through google and yahoo searches what ever he claims on the site..

    I cant understand how a person who studied and taught in US can have such poor english

    BTW i live in Saudi Arabia

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      From what i can tell it a lot of smoke.

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to help me decipher bullshit

      Admittedly, I’m no hacker or coding expert, but from what I have read and elarnt, what he proposes is virtually impossible in the format he sets out. I can think of one way to do it and you don’t need his software to do it.

      nearly all virus and trojans etc exploit errors or faults in the software. Virus definitions recognise them by recognising the code instructions. Each exploit uses a different set of instructions. Theoretically you can recognise a threat by what it does to the Operating System, yet all attaempts along that line have failled due to the need for the system itself and many applications to do things similar to the attackers to operate properly. Thus the problem with the latest MS security system killing many applications.

      The only way to protect against everything except a BIOS virus is to build your system, copy the hard drive to DVD, and then set the system to run from the DVD. That way there is NO WAY a virus or anything else can affect your system long term. A reboot will return it to normal and kill off the attacker.

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      Wow that sounds great

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to help me decipher bullshit

      the guy must be an absolute genius.
      Always look a gift horse in the mouth, indeed first check you are at the right end.

      If you designed a new os from the ground up and had total control of all hardware function and could investigate all code that ran under it for security holes, you might be able to do this.

      He didn’t, he hasn’t and he can’t.
      It’s bollocks.

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