help me design

By littlesecret1535 ·
would anybody be interested in helping me make a network design, not for money more of a mind challenge. It consists of one company tow buildings about 500 feet from each other divided by a highway. builing a has 100 in the plant 50 in the office plant B has 200 in the plant 35 in the office the design has to replace the old printer system each office mplyee needs their own computer they have to have accesss to office software and the company database. the plants need access to computers for the workers to accress their e mail and inventory. the company network is currently server based and that is fine. trnasmission speeds need to be fast but the cost has to stay inexpensive.

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Tip No. 1 ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to help me design

Dramatically improve your spelling abilities or find a decent sub-editor.

If you don't your final product will be illegible - much like your initial post!

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to old mycroft

by littlesecret1535 In reply to help me design

sorry i know how to spell just not type, but i do think the question is still understandable

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You can spellcheck - even typing in Braille !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to to old mycroft

So don't go making light of a discernible lack of skill.

If you intend to enter a career where the majority of information is streamed to you, or will stream from you, by way of a keyboard and screen - THINKING that what you type is STILL understandable will get you absolutely nothing.

Also - IT Consultants tend to have a more authoritative email address than 'littlesecret1535'.

Just what did you do at twenty-five to four on that fateful day, anyway ???

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Hire a PRO......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to help me design

You're asking for us to provide you with thousands of dollars worth of information for free?

Sorry, but it ain't gonna happen!

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i said it was hypothetical

by littlesecret1535 In reply to Hire a PRO......

It is not a job no one is really getting hired it is a class assignment, just checking to see if i was on the right track.

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Hypothetical won't work here.... sorry...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to i said it was hypothetica ...

This is a public forum available for anyone around the world to read. Any information posted here could then be used in a real world scenerio. Hence, people who earn their living doing that sort of thing would be cutting their own throat to provide the information for free.

If you have a class assignment of this nature, then submit your design and receive the grade it deserves. You'll know then, if you're on the right track. Either you pass or you fail.

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We're not lawyers. We don't do pro bono consulting work

by ManiacMan In reply to Hypothetical won't work h ...

At least I don't and I'm sure others don't either.

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Here is a hyperthetical site

by Jacky Howe In reply to i said it was hypothetica ...
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I'm confused

by JPLconsultant In reply to help me design

First it sounds like you're saying this is a "mind challenge" but later you say it's a class assignment. So which is it?

Second, isn't asking us to do your homework for you cheating?

If you want help or guidance, then
A) Be clear and up front that it's a homework grade. Don't try to sneak one past us

B) Post it as a discussion, not a question. That may generate a lot more ideas.

C) Provide a much clearer description of the problem. You may think the Q is clear, but it's really NOT. That 3rd sentence is atrocious. I might suggest you skip networking, and go back to junior high grammar.

D) Provide us your current network design. That way, we can see what track you're on. I won't be willing to give you a design, but I may be willing to give you pointers or references. But I could only do that AFTER I see what you've got so far.

As noted, we all work hard for our knowledge. It's not OK for us to spoon-feed you your knowledge.

I'll venture a guess that most of us really are willing to help to some degree. It's all in how you present the information. If you're up front and clear, and do some effort to show that you're trying to do the work, then I think our perspective would be very different. I'll bet you'd be overwhelmed by the tips, suggestions, pointers and references you'd be given.


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I'm with JP

by CG IT In reply to I'm confused

I'm more than willing to give pointers, tips, suggestions and other places to go for information [like reading material] to help someone out or to understand the basics, but I absolutely won't do someone elses work/project/ or homework.

Besides I've seen this question posted a couple of times over that past couple months. Virtually the same wording.

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