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help me go back to win 98 from win 2000

By proud_2_b_lesbian ·
I have win 2000 in my comp right now I would like to go back to win 98 as I am not happy at all with win 2000. I have the boot disk I need but am not sure what I am supposed to do. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to help me go back to win 98 ...

is big job. you sure you don't want us to help you get happy with win2k?
backup your work. get emails and email address book backed up also. also isp connect info. (dialup number if applic. username, password, pop3, smtp servernames, dns numbers)
get win98 cd and numbers. get system to boot from cd. stop there and
go into device manager in win2k (see help)
write down model/driver names of all cards in computer and things hooked up to computer like but not limited to:
graphics card
sound card
network card
usb devices
external hd's
if you have 2 computers side by side and one has internet access you can just install windows 98 and see what drivers you need and go get them on one computer and floppy them over to the win98. but if not, got to get them downloaded and onto floppy or cd for win98 setup. you got broadband make sure you can get nic drivers working you got dial up get modem drivers in hand so you can get internet access asap. for drivers you forgot. that is big work part. how do i know what graphics controller? how do i know what nic? you gotta get the cards out and look at them. go to mfg website and see their info on how to identify the card.
after installing, put on anti-virus and update definions. then do windows updates. then get any drivers offered there.
i wouldn't do it unless i was up for adventure.
if you are gonna anyway see if you have enuf hd space for dual boot. then you can go back to win2k setup to get what you forgot to backup etc

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by TheChas In reply to help me go back to win 98 ...

The basic procedure is simple, the implementation can be a pain.

First: back up ALL data files and critical settings such as your account settings and passwords.

Next, as Sgt_Schultz recommended, download and save the latest W98 device drivers for all system hardware.
I suggest that you run Belarc Advisor from to generate a list of your hardware.
You will get a web page that you can print out that will detail most of the information about your system.

Now, if the drive is formatted as a NTFS volume, you need to boot from the W98 startup disk, and use fdisk to delete the Non DOS partition(s).
Exit fdisk, boot the PC, and run fdisk again to set up your hard drive for W98.
Exit fdisk, re-boot, and format at least the C: drive.

If your hard drive is formatted as a FAT32 volume, you need only empty the WinNT folder and the system files in the root folder.

Boot from the W98 startup disk, insert the W98 CD, and run setup.

Personally, I would consider upgrading to Windows XP rather than going back to W98.

Here are a few caveats for your W98 installation:

1. Limit RAM to less than 512MB.
2. Do NOT install DirectX 9 or IE 6 unless the W98 driver for your video card supports DirectX 9.
You can download IE 5.5 SP2 from the browser archive at
3. Keep in mind that Microsoft is no longer creating new patches for security issues in W98.


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