Help me Install Win ME onto emergency 4gb HD for Dell Inspiron 6000

By carhearts ·
I'm working off a 100gb drive with WinXPPro, and have a 40gb drive as 'backup' with WinXPHome...everything is running fine on both drives. I also have a 4gb drive collecting dust which I'd like to put WinME on, get all the Microsoft updates taken care of, and have AVG 7.5, Spybot 1.4, Diskeeper 9.0 Pro, Ccleaner and ZoneAlarm as the sole cleanup/maintenance tools, and then just put her away as an 'emergency backup' drive, just in case my other two should fail for whatever unforseen reason.

Problem is, this Inspiron 6000 does'nt come with an on-board 3.5 floppy drive; I went out and bought a USB floppy drive, popped in my old WinME startup disk, did the partition/format thing, then put in my Microsoft WinME 'Full Installation' CD, and everything went fine until the first 'obligatory' re-start...then the system 'cycles' through 'invalid system disk' errors, and I can't get anywhere without re-inserting the WinME startup/boot floppy 3.5 disk...which of course starts everything from the beginning again.

Common sense it telling me that the WinME CD was'nt prepared to deal with such a 'newer machine' as the Inspiron 6000 in mind.

If someone can email me a .zip file for a USEABLE start-up floppy disk, with all the necessary 'changes' (files, drivers, etc) that I need to get this otherwise wonderful laptop to 'hand-shake' with the OEM WinME CD, and get everything loaded onto my 4gb HD, I'd surely appreciate it...

...at the very least, please tell me how I might 'manually' get this all done without having an aneurism.

oh, and I already have an 80gb 'external' HD for 'backups' which works fine...so please hold off on the helpful advice to just go buy an aluminum case for a 2.5 drive, and relegate this for 'backup' drive...I just don't need another one...

Thank you Kindly...

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