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Help me keep a bloated management structure at bay

By jab3k5 ·
My problem is not a new one, but I need your help

Group A - managers - count ~100
Group B - engineers & techs - count ~20

Person 1 from Group A approaches group B and tells them to move item X to the top of their priority list. Group B abides and completes item X. The next day Person 2 from Group A approaches Group B and asks why item Z has not been completed. The answer is because item X was moved up the priority list yesterday; Person 2 is shocked to hear this. With over 100 people in Group A you can see how this is quite a headache for Group B.

What I am looking for is a (preferably web-based) priority queue that allows Group B to literally drag & drop tasks up & down the queue and have all of their actions LOGGED. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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