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Help me setup please

By Tink! ·
Ok. I forewarned y'all I'd be on here with this: I'm transitioning our system upgrade in parts. The first part is the server. Now it's got SBS 2003 pre-installed so when I turn it on it wants everything connected so it can configure right away.

[1st question]:
At this point I realized that I only have 1 NIC and in order to isolate the internet (so that all clients MUST go through the server to access web) I need 2 adapters - Right??

[Quick Run-Down]:
The current network was haphazardly put together long before I got here. I am trying to setup this network exactly as it should be, much as if it were a larger business. I want the domain to be setup correctly. Right now I think we're kinda setup as a domain - we logon to a domain, BUT I think we're technically just a workgroup. The server, the clients AND the DSL router all are plugged into the network hub. Right now all clients access the internet directly through the DSL router. The server does NOT access the internet (but only because noone ever set the browser up to do so, it has access just as the clients do). (FYI This is the first domain network I've worked with. Up to this point I've always dealt with peer-to-peer networks, so I'm being extra extra cautious BEFORE I do anything!)

[2nd Question]:
So what do I do to setup the network as a domain, with the internet access controlled by the server? PS I have a hardware firewall that I want to go between the internet and the server.

[3rd question]:
I do have an extra NIC and am preparing to install it in the server today. It's a 3Com 3C905B-TX, 10/100Base-TX Ethernet Adapter. Should be fine, Right??
Thanks everyone in advance!

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Domain & Nics Problems

by wsmario In reply to Help me setup please

Hi for your first question The Domain name configure shuld be enterd at the begining of the installation of the server there you shuld be asked how you would like to be managed as Work Group Or as a Domain and emidiatly after it you shuld be asked for the name of the Domain after it evry server or component that want to be connected to the server will be asked for the domain name
but never mind you can do it right now if you have a administration right so on the main server
right clik (your mouse) on the my computer there go to Computer name than go to the second push botton named "change.." inside this window change the type of the connection of the main server as a part of a domain name you chuse like kuku... finished with the administrative user ad password only then reboot your system get in back the server and ashure that the type of connection had been changed to the same domain name you wrote
the same way with administrator user change each pc to be a part of a domain member
for the second question make the server the main server that go out to the world he has to have a nic that is configured as shared so other pc or servers will have the ability to get out troght the server named after the domain name by the Nic card
In the FW you nead to configure the pc's that they are a member of the domain make a new rool at the FW in witch you will describe there that the sorce (each pc) will go (trough) the FW to (destination) back bound like ISP with equivalent port like HTTP HTTPS Telnet SSL...and so on fill evry component on the local net you what him to go to the world go trough the FW to a specific detination with specific port you may or wish to accept than the machines will obay and move your call
there is no meter what kind of Nic you have all the companies are "cosher" and they know the work as they have been made to.

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