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By hitech ·
I have been working for this company for two years. Its comfortable, relaxed place but not challenging work. Right now I have an offer from the company that I worked as a consultant for before coming here. The offer is good but the technology is outdated and job is stressful in the sense have to be on call 24*7 etc. The benefits are all the same but pay is really good at this old company. What do I do?

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My 2 cents

by lasharn In reply to HELP ME TO DECIDE

I worked for a company with outdated technology. I felt that expereince set me back because when I decided I wanted to look for another job, I realized that my skills for the newer stuff was non-existent. I was stuck until I went back to school toget the necessary skills and knowledge.

You have to think long term. Going back to the other company will only hurt you in the long run because you are not expereincing new technology. Should you decide to move to another company, you may haveto settle for less money because the next company is going to want you to be up to date with technology.

As far as staying with you present employer in a non-challenging environment, that isn't a good situation either. I would suggest that you should look for a challenging position with another company all together that has updated technology. Even if you don't get the money you want initially, you will be building your skills, therefor making you much more valuable and will put you in a much better position than you are know.

I hope this helps.
Good luck!

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2 cents - I agree

by rbxmen In reply to HELP ME TO DECIDE

I agree with the "2 cents" comment. My prior job I was Mr. State-of-the-art. I was on all of the hot projects. I was getting the my reviews in the top 5% of the company. Unfortunately, promotions and pay did not match my reviews so I jumped shipto the first company willing to pay for my skills. My pay has increased significantly since my last job.

I decided to work for a small Finance department within a corporation. The department is limited to projects and technology. My boss usually takes the best part of the hot projects and leaves the rest of us with mundane tasks.

I decided to look around in the Technology part of our company which services the non-Finance clients. Most of the skills that kept them interested was theskills I had from my last company.

Even though I am very appreciative of the pay and the opportunities I have received-to-date, I miss working with the Technology area. I am in the process of constantly trying to keep my skills up-to-date on my own. I wish I was in an environment that these opportunities were readily available.

There will always be more pay if you have the hot skills as a techie or manager. But there will be little pay if you don't have the skills. I say look elsewhere besides your old job.

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More Choices

by lance.gillis In reply to 2 cents - I agree

Keep looking around. You will find more opportunities. DON'T settle. You don't want to trade one unhappy situation for another. More money and high stress vs less money and relaxed unfulfilling work environment? Find another choice. Be patient. You don't have to make a choice today. More opportunities will present themselves as you continue to search. Have faith.

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