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HI everybody..I'm a system admin in a small company and I want to know what my employees are doing without my presence and when im in office .Ive heard that these is some hidden camera software that can be installed in clients computer and can view what they are doing but i cannot find one with a security which i can apply in my network.Kindly help me with this.waiting for replies and thanks in advance.

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Question 1

by Slayer_ In reply to HELP ME TO FIX THIS...... ...


If your hoping to actively record all the visual activities employees do, this could be tough. If you just want to spy on employees, install a program like VNC on each workstation and set it to not accept mouse inputs so you cannot accidentally grab control of their system.

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Shouldn't they be doing

by santeewelding In reply to HELP ME TO FIX THIS...... ...

What you instruct them to do?

There are more definitive ways for you to act if they don't.

Your way is creepy.

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What he said, and...

by NexS In reply to Shouldn't they be doing

I don't reckon that what employees do during their work time is for the IT group to decide. Don't you know that we IT folks are just trolls that implement and support IT solutions? If the employees aren't doing their work, their manager can fire them. If you don't want people to do certain things, block it with group policy or web filtering.

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there are federal laws against this

by Screen Gems In reply to HELP ME TO FIX THIS...... ...

but you probably know all about that anyways so who cares right?

What I don't really get is what do you get out of posting questions like this? a laugh? or maybe you think because some take things seriously, their naive thus you get a laugh.

Just because someone doesn't say anything doesn't mean they don't know.

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Solution but different from your interest

by The Old Barn In reply to HELP ME TO FIX THIS...... ...

Once your employees are armed with a list of tasks to accomplish in each given period of time, I think that your need to spy will fall to the wayside. I am certain that you CAN do what you describe but personally, I caution you from doing that as it is just too "Big Brother is Watching" for my comfort level. However, perhaps this is OK in India!
Isn't their ability to get their work done on time the issue? Please think about whether or not you would want to work under this regime.
Unless these employees were actually incarcerated, I could not consider your planned approach. However, if your employees have proven the need to be overseen to that degree, consider other employees.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to HELP ME TO FIX THIS...... ...

Are you the admin or the owner.

Are you a manager? are youtalking about teh people you are failing to manage.

I'm sure there's a way of doing this, I'm also sure that if you have to resort to it you or whoever told you do it is a much bigger problem than your people.


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Rave Review for reply by Tony Hopkinson

by The Old Barn In reply to Confused

I applaud your comment as it gets to the significance of this entire issue. Yes, it becomes important to find out about his position but regardless of the reply, there remains a very powerful problem within the company.
Since I wrote my comments, I really thought that perhaps I had gotten caught up in a hoax from the beginning as the scenario is bizarre. Does TechRepublic have rules about hoax requests or it is up to readers to identify them?
Separately, I am so pleased that there is 100% reaction that this behavior is totally unacceptable. Perhaps he would like to add some details regarding the situation---but I cannot imagine a situation where appropriate.
I also know that his goal can be accomplished but I hope that no one here will give that instructions on how to reach the goal.

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Generally TR leave it down to us

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Rave Review for reply by ...

to review our peers comments and requests. Even to decide they are not really peers...

He's not the first "I want to spy on my people request". Even had one who wanted us help him spy on his teen daughter, Tony shudders uncomfortably....

As this is a public site, in general we refuse post information that will assist in an easily identified abuse.

I made no moral judgment on whether this behavior is acceptable, but if it is necessary then there has already been a massive failure and this is is just a p1ss poor address of one symptom, probably by the driveling incompetent who made the mistake in the first place.

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