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help me to install windows XP..???

By fanku ·
my pc is Celereon 633 mhz, with 128 mb ram
motherboard is T810B-SE Amibios currently running windows ME.

I wish to install windows XP professional,
do i need to update bios...?? if yes...pls send me bios file to update it.

I tryied to install XP professional in one pc
boothing though flopy/CD, but it gives
EULA error...

help me to install XP pro into my pc.

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by cglrcng In reply to help me to install window ...

Does the system right now have a botable OS on it? If so...first thing I will need to help you is for you to restart the computer...As soon as you see anything on the Black screen hit the pause key. Now in the lower portion of the screen you will see a long BIOS string of information. Write down that string and everything/anything else on that screen.

Type it all nice and neat back here (make sure you are very accurate here as it is very important so we can identify your board manufacturer and get the proper BIOS Flash Update.

I will research the BIOS update needed, and if you can also install right now Belarc Advisor (from, run it and copy and paste the results of the current inventory I willalso research the updated hardware drivers (do though list any hardware changes you will be making once you do load up XP so we can get all the proper drivers together). I will send you via e-mail a list of links where the drivers reside along w/ a few utilities that really work.

Will you be wanting to dual boot the system? Do you know how to partition & format properly? Have you got a CD from MS that tells you what hardware & software you currently have on your system that will work w/ XP? (No worries I do and can let you borrow it).

Do you want it to be a standard setup or a killer setup? What are the main purposes for the system...Browsing, Gaming, Office Applications....Etc., etc.

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by cglrcng In reply to

How big is the Hard Drive and is it healthy? you can run XP w/ 128 MB min really but you should step up to 256 at the very least. Once I have the basic info I can tell you what will & won't work and make suggestions. Then I'll send you via e-mail step-by-tep instructions if you want, k? The XP floppy boot setup takes a 6 disk set, but if you dual boot it can be easily done w/ simply the CD's (Win98SE or Win2K, and the Win XP Pro CD's), and a Win98SE Boot Disk, installs are done through DOS. Rather easily really.

Want to learn? Hope you have a minimum 40 GB HD for dual boot though it can be done on 20 GB or higher. Try to answer some of the questions above, OK?

What are you waiting for...Get that info! Lol.

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by cglrcng In reply to

They are both right. I was going to send him the MS XP diagnostic CD to let him see for himself and make suggestions after I received Mobo info to see how high he could actually step w/ that CPU and RAM maximum(s) allowed by the board. Then see if he wanted to spend what is really necessary to run XP reasonably fast.

If not, I was going to suggest a bulletproof (errr, fully patched and locked down as much as possible), load of either Win98SE or 2K done properly.

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by dmiles In reply to help me to install window ...

You may want to check the HCL to see if the Celereon 633 is compatible to run Windows XP.

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by pierrejamme In reply to help me to install window ...

Personnally, 128MB will crawl with XP. Better stick to W98 or W2k unless you can upgrade to 512MB.

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