Help me Toshiba Reset Bios Password

By laurenttavares ·
I need solutions to remove the Bios Password for my Toshiba M70 - 122.
Help me???

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Hardware solution

by mjd420nova In reply to Help me Toshiba Reset Bio ...

To reset the BIOS you need to disassemble the case and pull the battery from its scoket. You might even locate a small jumper berg on the board that will allow you to reset the BIOS.

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Do not attempt

by tsayyah In reply to Hardware solution

Pulling the battery will not remove the BIOS password at all. It's stored in an eprom chip which won't lose it's settings by simply removing the battery. Call Technical support or send us the laptop for repair.

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You need to disconnect the Mains Adaptor

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help me Toshiba Reset Bio ...

Then the Main Battery will need to be removed and then you can remove either the CMOS Battery or depending on the way that this unit is made you can either disconnect the CMOS Battery or change a jumper setting to clear the BIOS.

Generally this required a fair amount of disassemble to reach the components that need to be either disconnected or change the jumper and depends on the model as to how you proceed. You'll need a copy of the Service Manual for this model so you'll most likely need to Goggle for the manual for pay the Big Bucks from Toshiba for the genuine item. Though you should be able to find a cheaper version available somewhere On Line.


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Teardown guide

by tsayyah In reply to You need to disconnect th ...

What he needs is a teardown guide of the model he's talking about yet that won't do it either since sometimes (on certain laptops) clearing the bios requires special instructions and the assistance of advanced technical support (only toshiba asp's) in order for clearing to take place.

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finally a proper solution for most Toshiba laptop bios reset.

by QuickD In reply to Help me Toshiba Reset Bio ...

After talking with Toshiba, and getting the same routine about taking it to an authorized repair depot for the fix...well I became one, and the "tool" that they say is the only way to reset the BIOS password is very simple to make yourself.

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