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Help me w/ a wireless configuration, pls

By sluggo-t ·
I want HiSpeed internet at home. The only chance I have is to put an antenna in my yard to get service from provider that has put up a tower in our town. The problem is that I need line of sight to the tower. In order to get line of sight I have to put the antenna in the far corner of our yard. I have no electricity out where I need the antenna but I could get it there if I had to. Would it be possible to set up a wireless access point at the antenna to feed the internet to the house (about 100feet away) and if so how would I set it up. I'm basically clueless about wireless. Help!! Thanks.

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If you do it...

by rickydoo In reply to Help me w/ a wireless con ...

remember security. Putting a wireless access point in your backyard (or even in your house) means anyone close by can pick up the signal too. Set your WAP to only allow traffic from wireless cards that you specify, and use encryption.
Get a waterproof box for your WAP near the antenna and a card for your computer. Not gonna be cheap, but you can roam 300 metres with your notebook, I guess.

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by richsargent In reply to If you do it...

Some Ap's can be powered over ethernet. There is still the 300 ft. limitation but it would be cheaper than running power to the location. Or if you really wanted to you could always keep the AP inside and run some LMR400 from inside to the location outside. This would include connecters and tools. This may be beyond what you are looking to for. But atleast you would have all the electronics in your house. If you have any more ? you can email me directly at

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Might want LMR600

by admin In reply to

at 100 feet. just an idea to check into :)

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talk to your provider.

by admin In reply to Help me w/ a wireless con ...

You should be able to set up an antennae without having any power or weatherproofing that is directional and points to his transceiver and just run a lead into your house. This isn't any more difficult to understand than a Television Dish that then needs to run a lead into your reciever. You just put the reciver in your house, bury the lead cable (or string it overhead on some poles if you don't mind the way it looks) and voila! you have it. Your provider should be able to help.

Otherwise, you have to weatherproof a space at the corner of your yard, get power to it, and either run a cable inside or risk low speed connections at 100 feet through a few walls....

I think it would be easier to get an antennae and run the lead in the house. You can even get extremely high gain directionals that would **** away the signal strength of the provided wap and antennae most likely, and no matter what it sounds like you will have to run some sort of cable anyway.

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Thanks, all of you, for the feedback

by sluggo-t In reply to talk to your provider.

My provider talks over my head very quickly but the gist of what he told me is that the wire to the house solution might be prohibitively expensive. He said it could be as much as $7 (CDN) per foot. As it is, I checked out some wireless equipment and the 2 problems I would have are power and temperature. It gets pretty cold here in the winter and the equipment that I could find specs on are only good to the freezing point.
On the positive side, there is another provider that is advertising in our town (just today in fact) that they will be running a solution that is not line of sight dependent. I am going to check them out at a meeting they are having this week. Thanks again.

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it is somewhat expensive....

by admin In reply to Thanks, all of you, for t ...

I don't what the exchange rate is, but it's probably going to be $4 something a foot or more U.S.

I have had a lot of luck, however, finding salvage cable, I even found mine as a remnant from a big hotel job on a new spool that they sold for 50$. This kind of stuff goes for pennies on the dollar or as recyclable scrap quite often if you are into looking around a bit.

just an idea, but if you have an easier solution now, this is good! :)

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Canadian, eh?

by rickydoo In reply to Thanks, all of you, for t ...

So if it's $7/foot, that's about $21/metre, which works out to about 50 cents US
Seriously though. What region are you in? BC, AB, etc and what is the solution? Broadcast wireless, long-range DSL, satellite?
I'm asking because I'm out in the boonies of central AB, where 28.8 on a 56K modem is the best you can hope for without 2way satellite, and I WANT MORE!
Keep me posted, 'k?

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