Help me w/ my newbie Facebook question about publishing pics?

By JADavis9 ·
I've used Facebook for quite a while and I have many pics uploaded in several albums. I've learned to arrange them, move them, tag them and even label them with the Edit link. But, here's my silly question:
When I add a pic or two to an album, what's that pop up question that warns me that I haven't published some pics and asks me if I want to do it now? It also has some checkbox to tell the system not to ask me again on these pics (I guess just on these pics?).
But aren't all the pics in that album published and viewable or aren't my new ones accessible by others until I "publish" them, whatever that is? I'm pretty confused and I don't know much about this junk, as you can tell. But I do use it and I have a bunch of pics from my former NASCAR Winston Cup career and other racing in my Profile under vankjeff and they are marked Public since I want them to be viewable by all since I don't EVER Friend people that I don't personally know.

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That question

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Help me w/ my newbie Face ...

prompts you to publish the new pictures that you uploaded. If you choose yes, it publishes the new uploads to your Wall, letting folks know you added pics to whatever album. If you choose no, your new uploads don't get published to your Wall, and the only way anyone knows you uploaded new pics is if they happen to view the particular album you uploaded the new ones to.

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