Help Me (win xp and win 2000 server)

By dilumd ·
In my office we use windows 2000 server as our server and all the other pc's running windows xp.

Recently one of our client pc started to restart when windows loading. But in safe mode it's working properly. So reinstall win xp. But later lot of client computer has this problem.

So i formatted them all. After format and install win xp, some pc's still having another problem when logging. It says "Cannot load user profile. windows trying load default profile" and countdown is going.

This is real headache for me. Can somebody help me

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You last problem

by NexS In reply to Help Me (win xp and win 2 ...

Sounds like it's loading a 'local' version of a profile because it can't see the network version of the profile.

Now, for what i've seen, this usually means that, either network connection has been lost (either a software, security, or a hardware issue), or the domain is not available.

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Thank heavens for

by santeewelding In reply to You last problem

And kudos to, those who have a handle on this.

I sure as **** don't.

But, I look over the shoulders of those who do.

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I think security issue

by dilumd In reply to You last problem

as you said i think it is security issue. may be a Virus infected to a server.

Im going reinstall windows server 2000 and configure a domain.

Thanks for your reply. if you have any suggestion please tell me.

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Reloading OS

by Ole88 In reply to I think security issue

If you believe that there may be a virus, running a complete scan with a good AV tool would be the best way to go.

The scan should find the infection and remove it for you and will protect you for the future. I would suggest making it a policy that you never browse the web in general on a server unless it is absolutely necessary. This will protect your servers better.

If you still want to reload the server, the only way you are going to be assured that any virus/malware/trojans, etc are gone is to do a scratch reload.

If you just reload over the top, it will fix the problem for a moment, but your problem will just come back.

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It really sounds

by IC-IT In reply to Help Me (win xp and win 2 ...

like an issue with bad sectors on your hard drives. Run HDD Regenerator to remap the bad sectors.

You can also confirm this by looking through your event viewer on the affected machines.

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