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Help me with a title please

By trader919 ·
I just entered a new position where I have a dual role. I will be the onsite tech support/network admin/sys admin person (I'll work with the main tech in Denver). But I also will be helping out the branch administrator when she needs it. This is a new position for the company and my boss said I can make my own title... and 'Administrator" just seems boring to me. I want one that doesn't make me sound like an admin assistant. Something like "Support Specialist", "Support Analyst", etc.

Any ideas?


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Got one..

by ccthompson In reply to Help me with a title plea ...

Since your kinda all over here and there at different locations, what about a "Global IT Support Specialist"?

Thats kinda what my old boss took over after a company overseas bought us out, he took care of here and there.

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So do you have limits?

by jdmercha In reply to Help me with a title plea ...

Can you be a director, or manager? Or do you need to be analyst, administrator, engineer or specialist?

How about "Technnology (fill in your own word)"

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Title for dual role?

by stress junkie In reply to Help me with a title plea ...

How about The Twice Blessed Man?

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woman... :)

by trader919 In reply to Title for dual role?

Yeah, I don't think I could use 'manager'.
Maybe just keep it simple and 'techie' and leave it "technical support" or something along that line. Although for my next job I'd like to show them I had a cool title! hehe I plan on eventually (after degree) getting away from tech support and move on to MIS.
The person before me was called "LAN Administrator".

and now they just attached me to a beeper.... I would have held out for more money if I knew it would be this demanding! Led me to believe the job was less technical than it really is.

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Ooops. Sorry about that.

by stress junkie In reply to woman... :)

Unfortunately it doesn't work in the distaff version. The twice blessed man is an obscure geek reference. I'll keep thinking though.

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My shout would be

by Neil Higgins In reply to Ooops. Sorry about that.

Admin-Admin.But maybe that's silly.Why not something pompous,like IT-Admin-Admin administrator.

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take the name like this "TRSA"

by LukCAD In reply to Help me with a title plea ...

Tech Republic Certified Administrator!!!

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How about

by Ldyosng In reply to Help me with a title plea ...

Technical Infrastructure Administrator/Support?
And from my mate: if you were doing it on your own you'd be called a Consultant!

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I like that one.

by Errk'd Guy In reply to How about

"Infrastructure Support Administrator" sounds flexible enough
and lends itself for expansion. I would avoid any title that could
lead someone to think you have less responibility or authority
than what you really do or need to get your job done.

Example: In my current position I report directly to the Director
and am considered a Senior Manager over all IT, Facilities and
Telecom functions for my organization (I also used to manage
the Finance unit).

I changed the "working title" of my position several years ago.
The manager in my position previously just called herself the
Operations Manager. Well thats nice but didn't really help me in
the outside world when dealing with vendors and other agencies
(I am government). Not to mention it was occationally confused
with "Office Manager".

The new title I created it "IT & General Operations Manager" ... I
prefer manager over administrator since I don't just oversee
systems, but also programs and people.

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Technical and Management Support Specialist

by kayle.lawrence In reply to Help me with a title plea ...

Or you could always go for Jack of all Trades or Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.

I do kind of the same things, but at a little higher level (moved from operations management into IT) and they call me a Program Consultant.

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