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Help me with Virtual PC on Mac!

By Xink[o] ·
I run a Mac OS 10.2 and i've fully completed downloading Virtual PC. When I try to start it up, it loads and says that the image is a read only because something is locked. What is locked and how do I unlock it?

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by Jaqui In reply to Help me with Virtual PC o ...

you will have to login as system admin and do default config before being able to use it.
it may even be owned by root, so you would need to go system admin then root to setup the config.

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by lyon_bleu In reply to Help me with Virtual PC o ...

1) The image file that contains the virtual disk drive could have
the Finder "lock" flag set. To unlock it,select the file icon and use
the "Get Info" command, either from the "File" menu or with the
keystroke "cmd-I", and then uncheck the box in the topmost
panel that reads "Locked".

While you have this info window open, take note of the owner
and permissions listed in the "Owners & Permissions..." panel;
your short name should be listed as owner and you should have
read-write permissions.

2) In the course of an installation, many installer scripts run
rough-shod over the file permissions and ownership. Launch
"Disk Utility" and run the "Repair Permissions" on the boot
volume to see if that clears this up.

3) For some reason the image itself may have been corrupted or
mistakenly saved as r/o (read only). You can attempt to Use
"Disk Utility" to convert the image to r/w, but this might not be
satisfactory--IIRC, VPC 7 only uses a specific file format for the
image files and no longer accepts the *.dmg or *.img that DU
creates, even if they are properly initialized as FAT32 or NTFS. In
this case you may need to create a new image file from the disk
utility within VPC itself and install the OS and apps from scratch.
(The application extensions that facilitate the use of Mac
printing, networking, USB, etc. are bundled in the application
package; you don't have to search for them and you shall be
prompted to update them the first time you boot up your virtual
disk.) This is not the worst thing to happen, and frankly I prefer
it to the OS packs that MS distributes.



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by lyon_bleu In reply to

4) (which probably should have been #1) Is this image file
encrypted? Was there a password for the online purchase?



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by lyon_bleu In reply to

Yet another detail...

The image file itself shall have the file extension "vhd". However,
since VPC 6, that file now resides inside a "package" with the
extension "vhdp" (how creative :) ) To get at the file in Finder,
you will need to ctl-click (right-click if you have a multi-button
mouse) on the vhdp package and select "Show package
contents" from the contextual menu. Continue to open folders
until you see the desired file.


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by Xink[o] In reply to Help me with Virtual PC o ...

Sadly, I just figured out that my dad (the one who got me VPC) downloaded it and didn't buy it, so alot of the tips didn't help.

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It is a waste of time

by cewallace In reply to Help me with Virtual PC o ...

Unless you have a real need to run Virtual PC forget about it.
I have installed it on my Powerbook G4 along with WinXP
and it does run but is painfully slow and really not worth the

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