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I removed the key on my XP desktop computer and put it back. after that it started saying "limited or no connectivity".I really need to get on the network my router is not issuing a correct I.P address what should I do

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sounds like

by Kenone In reply to HELP ME

you didn't re-enter the key correctly. Everything counts, be very careful.

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Refresh Preferred Networks

by 2BlueUK In reply to HELP ME

Go to Control Panel > Network Connections.
Find your wireless LAN controller and open properties.
In Wireless networks tab below you should see your Preferred Networks list, find the router that you want to connect to and hit properties.
From here you should be able to re-write the key and make sure you are getting it right.

I think you dont have a problem connecting to it but if you enter the key wrong you will get limited or no connectivity.
Give it a spin and write back if you are having any more trouble.

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What 'key' are you referring to ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HELP ME

Have you tried power-cycling the router?

Shut down your computer COMPLETELY.

Pull the power from the router.

Go make a coffee or whatever.

Come back, making sure not to scald your keyboard with hot coffee.

Power up the router ONLY! Once all its little lights have stopped flashing and it has settled down to its normal illumination, THEN power up your computer.

Drink your coffee and wait for the computer to re-connect to the internet.

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"not issuing a correct I.P address"

by tmalo627 In reply to HELP ME

Is it issuing any kind of IP address or nothing at all? Have you tried to set it statically?

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