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Help - Merging Microsoft Excel Data from two worksheets to one

By smccan ·
I need assistance merging two Microsoft Excel Worksheets into one. But there's a catch.

The information is student information. Worksheet 1 contains their studentID number with demographic info. Worksheet 2 (graduated students) contains SOME of the students from worksheet one, including their graduation information. Worksheet 3 (non-graduated students) contains THE REST of the students from worksheet one, but instead of graduation information, it contains the last semester they attended.

I'm looking to get all of this data into one spreadsheet. There are literally thousands of records and it would be a pain to do this manually (and would take too long).

Is there a way to, essentially, say "find their student number on sheets 2 or 3, take the next consecutive 4 columns when found, and add it to the end of that student's record on sheet one"

Any ideas welcomed and appreciated.

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