Help!!! microsoft office 2007 problems

By marshy.middle ·
Hi, Back in August I bought a laptop with microsoft office word pre-loaded on it. In the past few days microsoft word seems to have just stopped working, all I can do is open documents, but even then I can't type anything. everything on the above ribbon is faded so I can't use it and I can't save anything. I first thought it was in ''compatibility mode''(mainly because it said so at the top) but as I can't save it to change the file format it can't be that, that is causing the problem. I have been asked if it was a ''time trial'' on many occasions, but I know it wasn't because I got a free time trial also, which incidently I have recently activated in an attempt to fix the problem only the same thing happens and I can't type or anything on that either. Does anyone know what is happening, or am I ust being dim??
Please reply soon i rely need this program!!

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re: Office 2007 trial

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Help!!! microsoft office ...

Applying a newly activated time trial over the top of an old time trial doesn't reset the start/end dates of the trials. You'll have to purchase the full version and uninstall the trial version before installing the full one.

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microsoft office word 2007

by marshy.middle In reply to re: Office 2007 trial

I didn't activate a new trial over an old one. there never was an old one I had the full version. and in an attempt to fix the problem, so I could get on with my work I activated the only free trial I had, over the full version.

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Ahhhhh...... OK

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to microsoft office word 200 ...

You said you received a copy of Word with the computer when you bought it in August. Chances are, it was a 90 day trial copy (timing is about right), unless you paid for a full copy. When the ribbons went gray and you could no longer do anything, the trial period was over. Even if you think you later activated it, it's still in "expired" mode.

If you have a full version of the program, uninstall ALL versions of Word (trial/full) and then reinstall the full version and activate IT. If you still have problems with the ribbon, call Microsoft to help you get activated correctly.

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