Help Monitor goes blank after windows logo

By buddylee ·
I have an older E machine with onboard GPU. I know no one seems to like e-machines but bare in mind it has worked flawlessly for over 8 yrs if not a little slower than the new PC's of today.

Windows XP SP3

Went to paste a link in outlook then the screen went blank. reset power and the screen usually goes blank (stops sending signal to monitor) after the windows logo passes. Sometimes I get the login prompt but when entering password and pressing enter it goes blank.

I can select the choice for safe mode but it gets to Loading......MUP.sys and just stops and the screen will go blank shortly after.

I added an AGP graphics card thinking the onboard was bad but no luck.

safe mode with command prompt I was able to do a chkdsk /F /R it told me to reboot for this and I did, Screen cam up for a few minutes as it was checking disk then went blank. I could not tell if there was any hard disk activity but I let it run for about an hour just to be safe.

Rebooted and no luck.

Any Ideas?

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First test is to download and create Linux distro

by robo_dev In reply to Help Monitor goes blank a ...

make one for a USB drive and boot to it. If the machine can start and run Linux, it's a software issue.

Assuming you can get into BIOS, do a reset to defaults.

Be sure to unplug all USB devices, and if you have a spare memory stick, pull the memory that is in there and swap in different memory.

Find the diags program for your motherboard and run it. Inspect the motherboard for popped or swelling capacitors as well as failed fans, wads of dust, dead rodents, etc.

Look at the hard drive to determine make/model. Download and run the diags for it. Most of these are bootable CDs.

If you boot in Safe Mode and chkdsk starts to run, the last thing you will see on the screen is mup.sys having been loaded... then the chkdsk is going to run to completion. Your system will appear to be stuck.

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Is the computer still on when the screen goes blank

by Slayer_ In reply to Help Monitor goes blank a ...

Or does it shut down?

If it shuts down, its probably a hardware failure.

If it stays running, it could be as simple as your monitor is broken or it's trying to use a resolution or frequency that is not supported.

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Reponse To Answer

by buddylee In reply to Is the computer still on ...

PC stays on, Hooked up another monitor and same thing happens to it. Other monitor placed back on other pc and works fine. Can't get to windows to adjust resolution.

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Reponse To Answer

by Slayer_ In reply to Is the computer still on ...

What happens if you do regular safemode?

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