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Help! Monitor not working

By lobosolitario39 ·
I have an HP that was working perfeclty fine. But it suddently stopped sending signal to the monitor. At first it wasn't even turning on, but then it started working again. The video card is a built in video card. Green light on back of computer goes on. Power button works, hard drive makes noise when I turn on the computer. DVD and CD rom also goes on. Fan goes on. Apparently all this accessories works. I check all cables on monitor and even tried a new monitor and nothing. I even bought a new external PCI video card and see if it works but was not successful. I am thinking the mother board got bad, is that possible even if the other accessories listed above works? Can I remove the CPU from this HP mother board and try it on another mother board that I will buy? Any suggestions? Thanks

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Help! Monitor not workin ...

You're caught between a Rock and a Hard Place here to get a PCI Video Card to be the primary Video Display you need to disable the on board Video Fed in BIOS and to do that you need to be working off the primary Video Feed on the M'Board which is no longer working.

But in answer to your Question YES you can get a replacement M'Board and use the CPU & RAM off your current M'Board but there are a couple of Provisos here. First you need to buy a M'Board that will support that CPU so if it something like a P4 2.8 you could be in trouble.

Secondly you'll need to make sure that the IO panel is the same as the one that you have, quite often the big end of town uses dedicated M'Boards to build into their cases and they don't have a standard IO Panel on the back of the case.

And Lastly you'll need to make sure that they have the same power connectors on the M'Board as quite often it's possible that with the propriety M'Boards that places like HP have made for them they don't have a fill range of Power Connectors available from their Power Supplies and then their PS are propriety as well and can not be replaced by a standard unit.

But if you're careful and check out the above you should be able to get something to fit but you'll most likely have to look around for a suitable M'Board.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Help! Monitor not workin ...

usually you can hear beep codes to help you figure out what is causing 'no video'
did you check this out on the hp website. i wonder why you don't hear any abnormal boot codes. ususallyu like one long beep. if you are lucky, 2 beeps. it depends on your bios. you hvae to look it up on the hp website. bad ram could cause the 'accessories' to appear to be ok but the system refuse to boot. can you affect this problem at all? by removing all the ram? half the ram? with a floppy boot disk? with a cd boot disk? (say, your xp install disk?) by removing all the cards? by detaching the drives? ...just suggestions

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by --Loki-- In reply to Help! Monitor not workin ...

Something else to try... Is resetting the BIOS using the jumpers on the motherboard, and THEN trying to boot using the pci video card... Just keep in mind, that if you can get it to show up this way, you'll need to go through all the settings and reset them how you want them... I've had this work on boards where the onboard video has gone bad...

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probably the motherboard

by itsfixed_sydney In reply to Help! Monitor not workin ...

unfortunately I'd say that you need to swap out your motherboard...

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by itsfixed_sydney In reply to Help! Monitor not workin ...

damn hit send too <i>fast</i>. It looks like you've done all the other necessary troubleshooting I'd expect!

Try <a href="http://www.google.com">Google</a>

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