Help! Motherboard? Hard Drive?

By monicaet ·
I have a Gateway 4542GP. I had my laptop plugged in without the battery into a surge protector when the power went out. I am possibly thinking my surge prot. is old because I couldn't get my computer to turn on for a bit.

Long story short - I got it to turn on. It loads okay with the battery and the power cord locked in. However, my computer never starts normally. Twice I got it to start normally (after system back up).

I gave up and left it alone. I turned it on a couple months later (today!) and found that I could only gain access in "safe mode". I took off my old files and did a complete system restore (destructive) with my system restore disks. However it didn't work. It said it was finished and tried to load again. After the "Microsoft" sign comes up, a blue screen flashes and then it says, "I'm sorry but Microsoft did not start correctly".

I am ready to order another hard drive off line. But then I thought that may not be the problem? Any suggestions? Please?

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Yep your right it's not the problem here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Help! Motherboard? Hard D ...

Here you need to test the hardware with something like the Free Ultimate Boot CD


To find out what's wrong. Personally I would be looking at the RAM as the most likely candidate for failure but even if it tests OK and you have installed additional RAM you may need to reduce it back to 1 Module to load the OS and then reinsert the second RAM Module. You can get Timing Issues that do not affect the system when there is a Installed OS but prevent you installing a new OS.

But it could be other things as well. It's just that the RAM mismatch is the most common.


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