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Help... Motherboard Problem!

By walterflanagan ·
I recently purchased all of the "necessary" parts for a computer that I'm building from scratch. The specs are below. I don't really understand that problem that I might be having, and that problem is this: When I plug the motherboard in with merely the single RAM module mentioned below, the CPU and heat sink/fan, and the front panel (on/off) jumpers plugged in I have sporadic results when I power up. I've double checked to make sure everything is plugged in and plugged in correctly (however those jumpers from the front are ALWAYS questionable) and it's run... a FEW times. What it seems to like to do is run once and then not run again. I messed with the jumpers for the FSB speed and that worked once, but with the same results: turns on once and then won't turn on again. Can ANYONE help me with this problem? Remember that I only have the bare essentials plugged in and the power will only work once. If anyone can provide any help or suggestions I would be very thankful!

Aspire X-Gear Case
Turbolink 350W PSU
AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Barton RETAIL
ECS elitegroup KT600-A (Via KT600 Chipset) RETAIL
ATI All-In-Wonder 9600 RETAIL
512 PC-3200 DDR400 (cheapo) RAM
DVD Drive (oldie)
Sony CD-RW Drive (oldie)

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by TheChas In reply to Help... Motherboard Probl ...

1. Boot up and enter BIOS setup.

Make sure that the CPU speed and power management options are set properly.

2. Try a different CPU fan, and / or plug any case fans directly into the power supply.
Some fans generate too much noise on the power and tach terminals. This can cause noise on the CPU or data bus.


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by lolabugsbrokenheart In reply to Help... Motherboard Probl ...

the only thing that can help u is your motherboard manual..

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by Power Natto In reply to Help... Motherboard Probl ...

Try clearing the CMOS.

You might also find the following link helpful; http://motherboards.org/

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by pierrejamme In reply to Help... Motherboard Probl ...

a couple of things to try:
1. I couldn't find voltage rating for your ATI video card, but your manual says it only supports the latest 1.5V cards. try a borrowed or cheap pci vga card. The described behavior is indicative of a mismatched voltage on your video card.
2. Your (cheapo) RAM may be bad, download Docmem from www.simtester.com and check the RAM.
The manual list recommended brands and should be followed. It also stated "Only supports 2 DDR400 chips", even though you have three slots.
Good luck

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